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Royalty-Free Relaxing Music With Nature Sounds

We are every bit a part of nature as the trees, the oceans, rivers, rains, insects and animals. The sounds of the natural world are the sounds of our most unaltered state, we are deeply at home within nature and the land that is our planet earth. To listen to the sounds of nature even though music can have a relaxing and nurturing effect. In this article, we shall discover how music with nature sounds can allow you to enjoy a state of relaxation. We will also present a selection of compositions by Music Of Wisdom that includes nature sounds and explore some of the ways that these royalty-free nature soundtracks can be enjoyed within your personal and professional practices.

Royalty free relaxing music with nature sounds downloads

Why Are Nature Sounds So Relaxing?

If we pay attention to how we feel it is almost instinctual that we feel clearer and more relaxed in natural environments and that the sounds of nature invoke feelings of peace, hope and wellness. To qualify this human experience and feeling, there have been researches conducted on the effect of listening to nature sounds. It has been found that nature sounds (and yes even the recorded sounds within music)have a physically, mentally and emotionally relaxing effect.

Research has shown that nature sounds may actually alter connections in our brain, these sounds can reduce the body's fight or flight response that is often overstimulated by modern lifestyle. This study measured the brainwaves of the listeners of nature sounds and found that they encourage brainwave activity linked to externally focused attention which could mean that these sounds allow listeners to be more in the present moment. The sounds of nature were also found to affect a shift in heart rate and relaxing of the nervous system into restful mode.

A recent research review shows how specific nature sounds positively affect different aspects of our mood. For example; bird's sounds can have the effect of relieving stress while the sounds of flowing water can help create a more positive mood.

It has been observed that listening to natural soundscapes encourages listeners to be in a relaxed yet attentive, intuitive and focused state of consciousness.

The Benefits Of Mixing Music With Nature Sounds

The use of nature sounds within relaxation and meditation music is intentional as it can be very beneficial to listeners. Mixing nature sounds with music can have several benefits for the listeners. Nature sounds are really effective for relaxation when combined with different instruments and when listeners engage with this music in meditation or with the intention to relax and rejuvenate. The following are some of the benefits of relaxing music with nature sounds:

  • Deeper relaxation

This is worth mention again because the relaxation affected by combining nature sounds and music is the foundation of the many other benefits to follow. The previous section of this article details just how these sounds have the effect of deep relaxation.

  • Soothing and calming

Nature sounds combined with music have the ability to reduce the body's stress responses and this can allow listers and meditators to enter a state of calm. The natural sounds combined with acoustic instruments can also be a very pleasurable listening experience that soothes the mind and emotions.

  • Creates a positive mood

Intentionally mixing the sounds of nature with meditation and relaxation music can benefit listeners by uplifting and creating positive emotions. Listening to and meditating with compositions with the sounds of the thriving natural world that is our sustenance and life force can allow us to feel nourished and comforted and this can contribute to a more positive outlook on life.

  • Extra opportunities to connect with nature

Combining nature sounds with relaxing music can give us the opportunity to connect with the vibration of nature in situations where we may have not had the opportunity to do so before. You can enjoy some of the benefits of a flowing river or the energetic vibration of being deep in the forest even if you are within a busy city mile from uninterrupted nature. Nature sounds within the music can help us to maintain our connection to nature so we can experience the benefits, be more encouraged to spend time within nature, and to look after our earth's natural elements.

  • Grounding into the present moment

Music that includes natural sounds can offer the benefit of bringing our focus into the present moment. The free-flowing sounds of uninterrupted nature allows us to relax and at the same time activates our natural instincts. When in a natural environment we are generally more present of our physical surroundings and the energy of the creatures and elements that surround us. Listening to and meditating with relaxing music with nature sounds can help us to intentionally bring our awareness from a chaotic mental or emotional state to the immediate present moment. The vibration of these compositions can have a grounding effect.

Royalty-Free Relaxing Music With Nature Sounds

The following compositions each include nature sounds such as bird sounds, river sounds, rain sounds, forest sounds, and ocean sounds to enhance relaxation. Each of these royalty-free and high-quality tracks is available on the Meditation Music Library website by Music Of Wisdom.

This track contains ocean waves sounds as well as angelic vocals. It is intended as a calming sleep meditation composition.

This track includes ocean wave sounds as well as music of the cello and angelic vocals. It has a positive vibe perfect for meditation.

This is a calming track that features the sound of rainfall as well as piano music.

This composition includes a combination of nature sounds as well as cello music and piano music. It is intended as a positive morning meditation track.

This calming meditation track includes flowing river sounds and forest sounds.

This composition includes calming nature sounds of a forest and river. It is intended as an uplifting morning meditation track.

This track offers nighttime nature sounds with piano music, it is a perfect deep sleep melody.

This composition includes night sounds of nature and piano music. It is composed for sleep meditations.

These royalty-free compositions can be previewed and purchased on the website. Relaxing music with nature sounds is perfect for use within professional and personal practices and we shall discuss more about the uses of nature sounds in the last section of this blog.

How To Utilize Royalty-Free Relaxing Music With Nature Sounds

Nature music is so deeply relaxing and healing, you can use this music within your personal practices such as during meditation, breathwork, yoga, etc. You can also use the royalty-free relaxing nature sound music within your professional offerings such as within your online video content, guided meditations, guided breathing, healing sessions, and courses. Because this music is royalty-free it can be used as many times as you need without incurring any further costs than the initial purchase price.

Incorporating nature sounds in your practices and offerings can have a deeply relaxing effect which can lead to a host of other benefits such as an improved capacity for learning, general positivity, contentment, and physical well-being. Relaxation is the optimal state for rejuvenation - it is a state of comfort and trust. We primordially feel at home within nature, we are in deep connection and ecosystem with the elements of nature. These are the sounds of the natural elements; rain, rivers, oceans, forests, and animals that sustain us.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team Follow Us: Insight Timer | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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