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Meditation and Music: Your Escape from COVID-19

As coronavirus has drastically taken over the world, people remain cooped up in their homes to escape this disease. A result of that is greater stress levels, higher anxiety symptoms, and many more health-related issues

Have you ever felt as if you are trapped in your home and there is nothing you can do? That it is restraining you from performing tasks that you do daily? Or that this virus has spread like a wildfire and is endangering the lives of millions of people? Well, thoughts such as these are exactly what leads to an increase in stress levels which will ultimately weaken your immune system and may make you more prone to catching COVID-19.

Now with all this horrific information before you, you must be thinking of a solution to improve your health and make your immune system stronger. The answer to this catastrophic issue is a simple and peaceful one: meditation and music!

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Yes, that is right. Meditation can do wonder for the human body if you do it daily. The best way to meditate is by listening to music along with it. These types of music are more popularly known as meditation music or healing music.

The Power of Meditation and Music

Have you ever wondered why listening to music acts as a catharsis sometimes? Imagine walking along on a road and listening to a piece of slow music. It will stir up a similar emotional reaction in you. Similarly, loud and rock music puts you in a happy mood and makes you smile and laugh. This is because music in itself has healing powers. This is especially true during meditation.

Listening to healing music while meditating elevates your mood as it has a relaxing effect on your brain.

Slow, soothing, and soft compilations of classical music are what your body needs to bring about a state of relaxation and decrease stress. If you do not, believe us, give it a try and see for yourself.

Coronavirus Meditation Music

We created meditation music that we believe will help you to let go of some of your coronavirus induced anxieties.

Start your morning fresh and healthy with this meditation music. Avoid indulging too much in news all the time. Instead, choose to indulge in this music.


This is another piece of healing music that will help you in fighting coronavirus. Whenever you're feeling uncertain about the future just plug in your earphones and listen to this meditation music instead of listening to the negative thoughts.


How Can Music Help During Meditation?

Listening to music while meditating is recommended by many great professionals such as Diana Winston, Dr. Rekha Chaudhary, and Maddy Gerrard.

They believe that the healing powers of music have a one of a kind connection with our minds. Although the effects of music vary from person to person, the result is still positive. The music itself has a profound effect on an individual’s mood, emotions, and physical body; hence the type of music a person is listening to while meditation will also vary its effects.

If an individual is feeling depressed, saddened, or worrisome about the situation of this pandemic, then professionals recommend that they should listen to upbeat and lively meditation tunes. However, if they are stressed, anxious, and hyperventilating about the entire scenario, experts believe it is optimal to listen to tunes with a slower tempo and more calming sounds.

How Does it Help?

According to recent studies, healing music has a positive effect on the body’s physiological system. It starts by slowing down our pulse rate, which then leads to a gradual decline in our levels of stress hormones. Side by side it is used as a form of distraction to help us focus on our internal self rather than having our minds jump from one thought to the next. The soothing power of music has a unique connection with emotions. Hence, meditation and music go hand in hand. They can be referred to as an effective stress management tool.

Other than allowing you to center yourself and calm yourself, healing music can help improve your health, immune system, well-being, self-awareness, and make you a positive person. Their effect does not stop as soon as you turn off the music; they stick with you throughout the day and influence you positively. Start your day with meditation and music and see how it may transform your mood throughout the day.

If you are tired of being stuck in the four walls of your home and it puts you in a bad mood, give it a try and see how it might boost up your energy. Not only that but listening to music while meditation can help you become more patient and tolerant throughout the entire situation of this harmful virus.


We all need to understand that to fight the virus, we must work on ourselves first. Reduce our stress levels so that we are not vulnerable to COVID-19. The more you stress, the weaker your immune system will become, which means there is a greater chance of you catching the virus and infecting those around you.

On the other hand, you can turn to meditation, focus on yourself, reduce stress levels, and boost your immune system. Help those around you by recommending meditation and music to them too.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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