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FREE Meditation Music Download

Download our FREE meditation music bundle

3 hours of high-quality meditation music


Receive FREE music every month!

Royalty-free & commercial use license included

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Freebies 01 - The Inner Calling.jpg

The Inner Calling

1 Hour

Freebies 02 - Our Peaceful Ocean.jpg
Freebies 03 - Deep Into Nature.jpg

Our Peaceful Ocean

1 Hour

Deep Into Nature

1 Hour

About Free Meditation Music Bundle

The free meditation music bundle was created and is offered by Music Of Wisdom with the intention of helping meditation creators, yoga teachers, spiritual coaches, and video creators with high-quality royalty-free music for their projects. The free music bundle is a fantastic resource for creators and entrepreneurs who are just getting started; it offers you the opportunity to make use of unique and high-quality music that is royalty-free. This music adds an essential layer of sound energy and vibrational alignment to your offerings.

What can the free meditation music bundle be used for?

These are some of the ways you can utilize the free meditation music:

  • Can be used within projects that require royalty-free music (in accordance with the licensing agreement)

  • Can be mixed with spoken word for guided meditations as well as in-person guided meditation sessions.

  • Can be used as ambient or sound healing music during a reiki or energy healing session.

  • Can be used as background music within suited video projects.

  • Can be used during in-person or online yoga classes.

  • Can be used for personal relaxation, meditation, and enjoyment.

What does the free meditation music bundle include?

Each track composed by Music Of Wisdom is skillfully created by playing acoustic and organic instruments; each track is unique but always contains a deep spiritual and energetic awareness. The intention of each composition is to take your guided meditations, yoga classes, healing sessions, and inspiring videos to the next level.


You will receive the following 3 tracks as part of the initial free meditation music bundle:


1 - The Inner Calling - listen on YouTube

This track has recently been featured on Insight Timer (which is currently the world's largest app for free guided meditations). Inner Calling is one hour of beautifully composed spiritual instrumental music.

2 - Our Peaceful Ocean - listen on YouTube

This ocean-inspired track is one hour long and is a peaceful and emotive composition of organic and acoustic instruments.

3 - Deep Into Nature - listen on YouTube

This is a one-hour-long track that includes beautiful nature sounds; it is inspired by the depths of nature. Deep into nature contains guiding and relaxing melodies.

How to Download the Free Meditation Music Bundle?

Each of these tracks includes royalty-free and commercial use license and can be utilized within your projects immediately in accordance with a royalty-free music licensing agreement.

You can download your free meditation music bundle now by clicking on the "Download Now" button.

When you download the free meditation music bundle you will have subscribed to the Music Of Wisdom monthly newsletter in which you will receive royalty-free music every month!


You can make use of the free music for as long as it takes to get started and once you are ready to further refine your offerings you may choose to work with Music Of Wisdom to order music from the wide variety of music on the Meditation Music Library website, order custom composed royalty-free music or make use of the professional mixing service. You can also access bi-weekly free music by subscribing to Music Of Wisdom Patreon.

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