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Music Of  Wisdom is a music production studio specializes in creating custom royalty-free meditation, relaxation, sleep and ambient music for commercial use.


We have provided music to YouTubers, app developers, podcasters, and practitioners from all over the world.


Our unique style and high production quality have always been our forte and made Music Of Wisdom one of a kind music production studio.

Featured Works


Unique Style With High Production Quality

Unique Style With High Production Quality

A Dreamy Night

Sleep Music

My Underwater World

‎Hypnotherapy Music

A Self-Love Song

Relaxation Music

Dreams Of Awakening

Meditation Music

Middle Eastern Desert

Ambient Music

Solar Plexus Chakra

Frequency Music

Throat Chakra

Frequency Music

The Peaceful Breeze

Sleep Music

Our Tribe is Free

Relaxation Music


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