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Earth Frequency 7.83 Hz - How Does It Affect You

Updated: May 26, 2022

The Earth’s existence has been a matter of curiosity for everyone who likes to ponder about the existence of our being. For as long as we can think, people have been researching the mysteries that our great planet hides within itself. In this regard, Earth’s electromagnetic field has also been one such area of interest. This electromagnetic field around the Earth is also referred to as Schumann Resonances, and this frequency of the Earth has not changed in several thousand years. The frequency has maintained a value of 7.83Hz, i,e. Earth’s natural frequency.

What Is The Importance of Earth Frequency?

Everything on this Earth is following a set pattern and discipline. The day comes when the sun rises from the East, and the night descends upon us as it sets in the West. Similarly, the Earth needs to maintain its frequency to main the order of the many things and being it encompasses. It helps in keeping our bodies balanced, among many other essential aspects.

It Helps in Relaxation

The natural frequency of the Earth of 7.83Hz is said to be associated with a brainwave frequency that induces relaxation. Thus when the Earth is radiating this frequency, cell regeneration and healing starts within the body naturally.

It Can Cure Emotional Distress

According to, removal of Earth frequency can cause headaches, emotional distress, and other health issues. One of the reasons why we face difficulty in life is because of our disconnection with the Earth frequency. Tuning yourself with Earth’s natural frequency can improve stress tolerance and balance, further enhancing our mind control and inducing rejuvenation.

Having a connection with Earth’s Frequency can help you feel grounded and enlightened. Moreover, if you expose yourself to Earth's frequency through 7.83 Hz sounds, it can even help you escape diseases.

Why Should the Frequency Matter to You?

Often, we tend to take the natural facilities provided by the Earth for granted. We seem to forget that our bodies and souls need as much attention as our physical appearances and material possessions. Taking care of our soul and aligning it with the Earth’s vibrations can help us improve our productivity and mood massively.

Connecting with the Earth can be an excellent foundation that you can build toward de-stressing yourself and lower your high levels of anxiety and depression. You can improve your mood and sleep disorder by practicing grounding for exercise.

Moreover, having lower levels of frequency can leave you and your immune system majorly exposed to bacteria and viruses, which can be extremely dangerous for your physical health. The Earth’s frequency is also equally crucial for your mental health, and a lack of balance may start effecting you slowly and gradually before it even comes to the surface as a physical ailment.

Ways to Connect with Earth Frequency

Now that you know why connecting with the Earth Frequency is crucial for your wellbeing let's take a look at the most viable ways of doing so.

1. Practice Grounding Exercises and Walk Barefoot

Connecting to the Earth is not as complicated as it may seem. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by taking a walk barefoot on the soil. Let your feet feel the ground and be mindful of using all your muscles while walking, especially your leg and hip muscles. You can also try to breathe down into your hips and your belly to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

It will help you physically and mentally feel connected to the Earth. Connecting to the Earth in this way is essential as it accelerates your growth and self-discovery process.

2. Listen to Music and Healing Sounds

Sound is the fastest and easiest way to alter your vibrational frequency. Music, with some aid from the air, can help you resonate with the Earth's frequency within your bodies. So, tune in to listen to 7.83 Hz music before you sleep or even during the day while meditation. It'll help you connect with the Earth and boost your healing process.

3. Practice Shamanic Yoga

This kind of yoga, while listening to the sound of the Earth, can allow us to create an experience like no other. Yoga itself is said to be highly beneficial for the brain and body alike, but Shamanic Yoga is a step further in that direction. It will help you make use of your spiritual, physical, psychological, and energetic aspects, making it more holistic.

4. Let Go of Toxic Relationships

The people around you primarily define your vibe. If harmful and toxic people surround you, it can affect your connection with the frequencies as well. That is why your physical environment mustn’t have people that are bound to bring your energy down. You must be conscious about who you let in your circle. Be quick to cut off anyone that makes your thoughts negative.

5. Think Positive!

Cutting low-vibrational people is essential, but improving how your thought form is noteworthy as well. You must push yourself to see the brighter side of things and situations to heighten your vibration.

6. Eat Organic Foods

What you ingest and feed your body with will affect your vibrations. Certain foods induce good health and longevity, such as vegetables and fruits, while eating junk can make you more lazy and distant from feeling the vibrations. So, incline your diet towards the healthier side.

7. Use Healing Crystals

The use of healing crystals has helped many around the world when it comes to finding peace. Crystals are earthy elements and can help you increase your positive vibrations, too, that would help you connect more with 7.38 Hz. There are specific stones that raise your vibration and may have healing and grounding properties. Make sure you add those crystals as a part of your daily routine for enhanced results.

Connect to the Earth

Finally, whatever you do in life, your aim should be to maximize your connection with the Earth. The connection exists whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. However, from the facts mentioned above and statements, connecting with the Earth, purposely, can improve your chances of wellbeing and state of mind.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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