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Emotional Pain - 8 Ways To Heal From It

What is Emotional Pain?

Emotional pain or Trauma can stem from scars that we may endure after any hurtful event or memory such as abuse/neglect or even something like a breakup/death. These events, familiar as they may seem, tend to shape how individuals view life and even themselves. The impact of emotional pain or trauma can be long-lasting and damaging (both psychologically and spiritually). And to make sure that injury doesn’t hamper your life and your goals, it is essential to work towards healing it. Shrugging off emotional pain is a common trait among people who are not well versed with the implications that it might have in the long haul. We often think that time will be our savior, and we will make peace with things as we grow old with our wounds and scar. However, time doesn’t heal your mental scars.

Why is it important to heal your Emotional Pain?

Having an infection remaining untreated in your leg going will eventually spread out into your body and may become lethal. Similar is the case with emotional pain; you must treat it at early stages to avoid it from having worse effects than it already does. For someone with underlying heart conditions or breathing issues, emotional pain can further aggravate these diseases.

Emotional Pain can often cause anxiety and depression in its early stages, and healing it can help you cope with life and its challenges in a more healthy way. Getting to the root and improving yourself will be one of your kindest acts done by you for you!

Here is a list of crucial things you should do to heal your heart and soul:

1. Give yourself room to grieve

The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle mentions Denial as the first stage because it is the natural response of a person not to accept the trauma they have been through. And this cycle ends with Acceptance. You must give yourself the space to admit that you are not feeling okay. You have to let that sink in, and you need to be realistic about your situation; you went through something terrible, and it made you feel awful, or slightly worse than shocking. You must not push the bad feelings away, but you have to sit with them and just simply grieve and breathe through it all.

2. Allow yourself to make the conscious choice to heal

Once you have accepted your situation, you will have an array of thoughts flood your head. And not all of these will be kind thoughts, and you should remember that it is not uncommon and does not make you a wrong person. What you are thinking may not be something you can entirely control, but how you act upon your thoughts is wholly under your control.

3. Make meditation a daily habit

Given that you are experiencing so many emotions simultaneously and with high levels of intensity, you should, and you must try relaxation techniques. Meditation can be highly effective in calming your nerves and making you organize your thoughts. Meditation will improve your focus and help you make rational choices, which can often be tricky when going through emotional pain or trauma.

4. Make your health a priority

You are already suffering emotionally. Having your body not be nourished or deteriorating health can further worsen the situation for you. Regular physical exercise and a proper diet are essential aspects if you want to improve your emotional health.

A healthy mind and body connection is important, which is why you cannot slack during your exercise regime. The active bodily movement will allow your negative emotions to move and thus evaporate eventually.

5. Maintain a Journal

Writing about pain and your emotional experiences can be a very effective way of understanding your reasons for why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. Writing is a secure form of expression, and thus this release of emotions can be therapeutic. Once you have let everything out on a paper, it can feel slightly more comfortable with the making of these experiences too. You must write thoroughly and refrain from judging yourself.

6. Self Reflect and learn the art of letting go

It is easy to think that you are going through an emotional trauma because bad things happen to you and that too often. You will find anyone and everyone to put the blame but might not ponder over your involvement in the manifestation of a situation. We need to sit with ourselves and question what wrong we might have done and how we may refrain from doing it in the future.

7. Be Creative

To want to heal, you need to think out of the box and do activities that help you think of other things apart from your trauma. A trick might work for someone but might not work for you. You could try skills like painting, knitting, poetry, pottery dancing, or singing; anything that helps you stay happy and busy!

8. Face your emotions head-on

You need to be able to accept your negative emotions and actively replace them with positive ones. It might not happen in a day and will take time to embed itself into your system, but positive thinking can help you heal faster. You just have to keep trying to break your negative patterns of thought and make yourself believe that things are better, and just like that, one day, they will be better for real.

Start your healing journey today!

Emotional Pain is something that is often not considered as dangerous as physical pain. Mostly because its manifestation is different, and it isn’t apparent on the outside. The identification of emotional distress can be particularly tricky because, most of the time, we don’t even actively register that we are experiencing it. It is different for everyone, and its roots are also diverse, which is why each one of us must find what heals us in our ways but heal it nonetheless.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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