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Healing Your Twin Flame

The concept of twin flames can simply be understood as the meeting of two human expressions of the same soul, one soul in two different bodies. The purpose of a twin flame is to assist each other in ascension; meeting and uniting with your twin flame will surely be a catalyst for growth, awakening, and embodiment that allows you to experience your divinity and most enlightened perspective experience of life. Meeting your twin flame is the beginning of a journey of deep awakening to unconditional love and self-love. The topic of the twin flame is a most fascinating one, there are many aspects that we can learn about but in this article we shall start with an understanding of the basics; the common characteristics in twin flame unions and some simple and powerful ways to heal within twin flame union.

Characteristics of Twin Flame Unions

When you meet and connect with your twin flame there are some telltale aspects you may experience that can indicate that you are really twin flames. These are some of the signs that you have united with your twin flame:

  • Intuition

The most telling sign will come from within you; you will have a deep inner knowing or intuition that the person you have encountered is your twin flame.

  • The Intensity of the Connection

When you meet your twin flame you will feel intensely connected, you will feel magnetized to this human and your interactions will be naturally passionate. As you are the same soul uniting you will likely feel an instant sense of familiarity and you will be open to easily expressing and experiencing together.

  • Your Life Will Be Forever Changed

Once you have united with your twin flame you will reflect upon your first meeting as a life-changing moment, you will know that your life will never be the same. Meeting your twin flame will mark the start of a new phase of self-discovery, healing and awakening. It is time to experience yourself in relation to your divine reflection or mirror that is your twin flame.

  • It Could Be an Unconventional Relationship

Although it is often the case, it not set in stone that a twin flame union becomes a romantic relationship. It may just be a twin flame union; meeting of your soul in another body, a meeting that serves as an experience that allows both twins to ascend to their highest vibration.

  • An Indestructible Bond Beyond Physical Reality

Your twin flame connection will be unique to you and the time that you spend together physically can be lifelong or for shorter periods. No matter what the outer form your union takes you will always be inextricably connected to your twin flame in spirit.

  • You Will Bring to Light Each Other’s Best and Worst Traits

The purpose of a twin flame union is so that the human expressions of your soul can ascend and awaken to your highest potential. Meeting your twin will offer you a reflection of your soul. Everything that you and your twin flame experience are interrelated. When you choose to work together with your twin flame and step into the space of unconditional love you will undergo deep healing; you will be triggered, you will encounter and integrate your deepest shadows and you will also experience the brightest light and greatest wonders within each other.

  • You May Have a Similar Life Purpose

Twins flames often have a similar life mission. Meeting your twin may help you discover your purpose, you may help each other to take action and embody your most beneficial timeline. Depending on the form of your relationship you may work together on this purpose with your flame or you may be inspired and aligned by the meeting but physically separate and still fullfill your purposes.

  • Twin Flame Relationship Stages

Meeting your twin flame is an intense experience. It can be both challenging and rewarding. It has been observed that many twin flame unions follow a similar pattern that can be broken down into 8 key stages. Through these stages, we can awaken to the highest outcome of a twin flame union. The stages include yearning, meeting, falling in love, dream relationship, turmoil, running and chasing, surrender and union/reunion. You can read up more about these stages in detail to fully understand the nuances of a twin flame connection.

Healing Your Twin Flame Connection

As mentioned above most twin flame unions can be a challenging experience. You will be confronted with all that you are and be asked to love unconditionally. Firstly, to meet your twin flame you need to be at a certain stage in your healing. When you meet physically the healing will only become more potent. By healing yourself you will heal your twin flame. These are some suggestions and reminders that will assist you in healing your twin flame:

  • Have faith in yourself and your twin flame.

  • Trust the process.

  • Understand that your twin flame is your mirror and the things that need healing are within both of you.

  • Let go of fear.

  • Appreciate each other and be grateful for the blessing and growth that your union has brought.

  • Understand that everything you are experiencing is refining you and your twin flame to embody your highest version.

  • Practice self-love, care and compassion and your twin flame journey will be more graceful.

  • Meditation can help you to find stillness and clarity; it is also a wonderful time to energetically integrate the healing taking place. You can meditate with harmonic frequencies and music created with the intent of twin flame healing and alignment. Listen to the Heal Your Twin Flame composition on the Music of Wisdom YouTube channel.

Meeting, healing and uniting with your twin flame is truly one of the most intimate and rewarding experiences that you can have on earth. Choosing to work together with your twin flame; discovering and honoring both your light and shadows in order to uncover and accept the core truth of your nature, the eternal spirit. The union of twin flames contains unlimited energy for incredible growth and amazing co-creation. Deepening in unconditional love for our eternal soul and ephemeral human expressions. __Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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