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Higher Mind - Achieving A State of Consciousness

The human mind is an interesting being. It works in a way that remains a mystery to all of us to date. Our mind is capable of performing, processing, and perhaps creating more than we can imagine. But to achieve that state of mind, you need to obtain a state of consciousness known as the higher mind. Many spiritual people refer to it as the ultimate state of existence and feel that it is impossible to achieve. However, there are still practices and ways through which you can start your journey towards a higher mind.

What Is A Higher Mind?

Higher Mind is also known as higher consciousness has many associated names such as collective consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, etc. Such titles may reflect a different picture of a Higher Mind. Still, in essence, it is a spiritual or energetic awareness that surpasses our mind`s preoccupation with the past and the future. The question perhaps is what happens after you reach that particular state of higher consciousness. Well, for starters, you get close to your natural self, the ultimate nature of your being, a state where you`re in control of your choices.

Why Is It Important To Achieve A Higher Mind?

One of the many reasons to achieve a higher mind is the fact that we spend most of our lives in lower consciousness. Why does that happen? We spend our lives under the pretense of disconnect thinking that we are alone and separated. We hardly experience any natural being out there because we have been structured towards boundaries, boundaries that don’t exist outside of our consciousness.

You need to let go of the pre-existing boundaries and feel the negative energy around you. At a higher level of consciousness, you will understand that there are none, you won’t feel distant anymore.

Remember, to achieve a higher mind is a battle between your being and your mind, and the latter has to take over for you to achieve higher consciousness. Imagine a world, which reveals itself as a place of kindness, beauty, and a universal perspective. Don`t you want to live in that world?

The Six Levels Of Consciousness And Their Importance

For any other challenge in life, to move on, you first need to evaluate your existing position. Where do you stand right now? The same path has to be followed for higher consciousness. There are six levels of consciousness out there; you can't just feel relieved at level 3 or level 4; your ultimate objective is level 6. A state of perpetual comfort where you can let go of your worldly biases and accept the universal perspective.

Here are the six levels of consciousness:

1. Life Happens To You

In this first stage of consciousness, you feel life is happening to you, you take it as a threat, trying to avoid being. You consider yourself a victim of life, but are you one?

2. Life Happens By You

To go beyond the first stage of consciousness, you need to understand that you are not a victim of life; in fact, life happens by you. Remember, you are not powerless. You can control your own life choices. Even if you don’t feel like it, your mind alone has enormous potential to achieve a state of higher mind eventually. If you want exciting things to happen, you must make them happen because you meet all the necessary prerequisites to do so.

3. Life Happens In You

The next stage is to consider yourself as the source of life when you realize that life happens in you. All your suffering and pain is not because of the experience around you; in fact, everything you feel is within you. It is you who determines your reaction to life; at this stage, perhaps you`re almost distant from the idea of being a victim of life.

4. Life Happens For You

The fourth stage is the start to a beautiful realization that life happens for you, whatever you are experiencing, it is happening for a reason, and that reason is you. You don’t have to mold and shape your life as per your needs, come out to life as it is, and that is a beautiful feeling.

5. Life Happens Through You

The next stage offers you the preliminary realization before you reach the ultimate stage of higher consciousness. When you realize that life happens through you, you don’t belittle a small moment of life and respect every moment as precious. You take it as life is conveying you something and nothing is ordinary in life. You begin to realize the importance and impact of creative moments in your life.

6. Life Is You!

This is the ultimate stage of higher consciousness here. You activate your higher mind. When you realize that life is you, you are no longer a separate being; in fact, you have entirely merged back into life. You don’t need to control or react to life; you just need to let life pass through you.

How Can You Achieve A Higher Mind?

A simple explanation towards the higher mind would be meditation. Popular theories suggest that meditation and higher mind go hand in hand, but that is just the first stage.

Here are some steps to achieve higher mind:


When you meditate, you need to assess yourself on the level of meditation, either you meditate daily or perhaps weekly. It depends on you as meditation is your journey towards higher consciousness.

Another variation of meditation is a mini-meditation. As compared to traditional meditation, mini-meditation does not require a specific time and position; you can carry it throughout the day. It can cover all your daily tasks, monotonous tasks for that matter. Wash dishes, go up and down the stairs, water your plants, each of them qualifies for mini-meditation. You have to feel positive.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

If you want to achieve a state of oneness, you have to adapt to what’s right for your body and mind, and a healthy diet is essential for your journey towards higher consciousness.

Reinforce Positivity

Positive thinking is a stepping stone for a higher mind; you need to give yourself positive affirmations and recognize your failures. The essential thing to do here is stick with positive thinking, no matter what.

Engage In Spiritual Practice

To engage in spiritual practice is not easy at all, it is an elevated path from meditation, yoga, and perhaps you can participate in spiritual activities. In another phase, you can practice forest bathing, a physiological activity for your mind that’ll help you relieve stress and reconnect with nature.

Relieve Yourself From Ego

To relieve yourself from ego, you need to let go of the self-centered mindset; you can unlock a new dimension in your mind, which has no place for ego.

Higher Mind Can Change Your Life

Remember, you can't live in a state of higher mind forever, but even a few minutes of the higher mind, which offers inner peace and tranquility, is worth the wait. Whenever you can achieve a state of higher consciousness, don’t forget to harvest those feelings and make the most out of it. When you reach that state, you’ll be able to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, and all other obstacles towards mindfulness together.

We all are humans, and there is nothing we can do to achieve a perpetual state of higher mind for the rest of our lives, neither should we aim for it because it doesn’t sit well with us.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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