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Meditation with Music — The Hidden Connection

We mostly consider the true form of meditation as is practiced by the monks living in isolation which does beg the question of music being an effective approach to it since the original practice doesn’t quite include music.

Here’s the thing- the area of mindfulness and mediation as well as meditation with music have been researched especially more recently and so we bring you the ultimate truth about meditation with music and how this may enhance your mindfulness experience. So let’s jump right in!

The connection between mediation and music

Meditation is a state of immediate focus by being conscious while sitting still and music can be used as a tool to hook your attention to drown out distractions as well as build momentum as music is known to influence brain waves; so when used simultaneously, the effectiveness is pretty self-explanatory.

Effects of mediation with music

An array of studies have confirmed that meditation has always had a positive effect on one’s physical and mental health- it protects the heart, promotes better sleep, boosts immunity and even reduces anxiety and depression.

While music has been proven to reach the subconscious in our brains, the popular show Stranger Things, also quoted as “music can reach parts of the brain that words can't. So maybe that's the key, a lifeline. A lifeline back to reality.”

Music penetrates deep into our subconscious and holds the ability to affect our lives in multiple ways. The effects of music on our physical and mental health are very similar to the effects due to meditation therefore music can logically only stimulate the effects of meditation.

Effectively using Meditation with Music

With the endless categories of mindfulness music out there, all are designed to have different effects. A diverse range of music specifically for meditation is available on almost every social media platform with millions of views showing the positive feedback of multiple individuals.

The availability of specific music in relation to specific mental health issues allows people to listen to these and meditate in any and every environment/situation. A popular meditation music category is binaural beats; sounds that resembles the brains cyclic beats very similar to the heart having a beat.

They may sound strange on the first try, but when you loop it the brain’s cyclic beats move according to the binaural beats and it really provides a great sense of euphoria and satisfaction to the person. You can find a collection of specifically produced binaural beats on the Music Of Wisdom YouTube channel to meditate if distractions are your weak point.

Benefits of “Music with Meditation”

We all have read about anxiety and stress releasing health-depleting hormones like cortisol (if consistently released) so in order for a negative feedback to happen to reverse the effect of cortisol, other hormones must be released.

Theta binaural beats provide consistency to our brains, allowing a sense of comfort, relaxation, stability which in other words spell out ‘it will all be okay, and don’t we all want that? These beats, when combined with meditation, makes the body go into a trance-like state of relaxation.

Another type called alpha binaural beat helps you think through situations where one needs to come up with something creative or find the solution to an ongoing problem- helps one put their thoughts in order and allow the production of new ideas as we can all use some brainstorming every once in a while.

You’ll find hard to believe what studies have found when tests were conducted on patients who meditated with music. Results showed a significant amount of pain relief as well as a reduction in anxiety and pain in patients allowing them to reduce the use of pain killers which can be detrimental to health in the long run.

Studies have also related music listeners with a higher level of immunity from diseases comparatively. In short music is a type of meditation in itself for people and it physically affects people with regards to their health and the body is controlled by one’s brain and the brain is vastly affected by music.

Meditating with music has also been proven as a remedy for kids who cannot consume heavy medication and are suffering with either ADHD or other mental health issues. It also allows students to have a quicker mind, allowing them to have the ability to memorize faster and to be quick on their feet as their attentions and reflexes improve.

Our two cents

It’s a common belief that meditation with music is counter-intuitive, they consider it distracting and a hindrance that deprives them of focus.

There are also people that believe that only calm and soft music is helpful in medication. The truth is that to each his own, everyone thinks and feels in a different manner, therefore, metal music might be unpleasant to some people but to others, it might be a form of pure serotonin.

Bottom line:

The fact that having soft constant music in the background instantly lifts up the vibe of a place shows that music can only add to positive effects from using it with meditation and that every person that meditates frequently should really experiment with it.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team Follow Us: Insight Timer | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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