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Solfeggio Frequencies - Everything You Need To Know

Music works like medicine for your soul. However, since ancient times, monks and spiritual practitioners have improved their harmonious state of mind and body through correctly used musical frequencies. Those who understand the science of frequencies and the healing powers they carry have found it to be a solace. So, let's take a look at solfeggio frequencies, which are looked up to as one of the prime sources of spiritual elevation and incorporate the healing powers of music.

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies are a set of frequencies, which were used in ancient times for spiritual chants. The chants of this frequency were believed to impart spiritual harmony. Since ancient times, these frequencies are used as spiritual chants and hymns by monks during meditation. The songs based on original solfeggio notes are so genuinely captivating and spiritually awakening that they bring out emotional responses.

Historical Background

Dr. Joseph Barber is considered the re-discoverer of these frequencies, which he came across on noticing the repetitive format of codes in the Book of Numbers. In chapter 7, he found references that when deciphered employing a numerological technique, might be reduced to one digit. He found the recurring digit patterns to be specific sound frequencies, which he believed to be the solfeggio frequencies lost over time.

Professor Willi Apel connects the origin of solfeggio frequencies to the hymns by John the Baptist. This hymn's first six lines start with the first words of the notes, peculiarly. Thus each other note is sung higher than the note in the previous front. Due to the mathematical resonance of these notes, a certain level of spiritual awakening takes place, which brings out a "god-like" character in man.

Guido D'Arezzo, a Benedictine monk, developed the original solfeggio scale. It made learning music much easier for singers of that time. Today we all know the solfeggio scale as seven ascending notes assigned to the syllables Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. However, the original scale was six ascending notes attached to Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La. The syllables for each frequency were taken from a hymn for St. John the Baptist, Ut Queant Laxis, written by Paulus Diaconus. Dr. Joseph Puelo, in the 70s, found six electro-magnetic sound frequencies which matched the symbols from the hymn of John the Baptist. According to the "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse," he was given the knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem of reducing numbers, in a vision. Using this method, he found the sound frequencies appearing as a repetitive number pattern in the book of numbers.

He kept finding repetitive mention of a single issue at different plant places in the book. He found the second frequency by going through verse 13 to every sixth verse repeating the same concept, hence finding a frequency pattern using the Pythagorean theorem. This pattern gives the result 417, which is the second frequency. As far as the rest of the frequencies are concerned, they were found using a similar formula.

What Are The Different Types Of Solfeggio Frequencies and Their Benefits?

There are six main solfeggio frequencies.

The 396 Hz - liberates one from fear and guilt.

● The 417 Hz - for facilitating change and undoing situations

● The 528 Hz - for miracles and transformations like DNA repair

● The 639 Hz - for relationships and reconnecting

● The 741 Hz - for getting solutions and expressing themselves

● The 852 Hz - for returning to a spiritual order

The benefits of solfeggio frequencies

Relieving pain and tension: The 174 HZ helps in overcoming anxiety and trauma. This type of music takes you on a transfixing journey eliminating all suffering and stress, giving your body the motivation needed to heal itself from inside out.

Safety, energy, and survival: at 285 Hz, the body's natural response to self-healing is triggered, and the brain sends the body messages to repair any sort of organ or tissue damage. It increases the sense of wellbeing and healing, thus giving your mind and body an energy boost and providing you with a sense of safety on your own.

Release guilt and fear: When listening to the 396 Hz Solfeggio frequency, the feelings of anxiety and guilt are removed from the body. This frequency helps the body let go of the opinion that keeps bringing you down or hinder your success in any way. Once you let go of these feelings, you can become more mindful and proactive towards your approach in life.

Negativity and all past trauma: the 417 Hz helps you get rid of negative subconscious thoughts and memories, moving you closer to your higher purpose and inner calling, thus driving you closer to the higher being. It gets you back on the track of self-progress.

Clarity, peace, and DNA healing: 528 HZ is a miracle frequency as it helps bring the DNA to its original state, thus giving you a joyous and celebratory vibe. With this level of spiritual healing, you can get rid of all traces of negativity and get on the right track for self-discovery and recreation of your talents. It gives you a complete sense of peace and being of oneness in yourself.

Healing interpersonal relationships: With 639 Hz, you get a sense of harmony and satisfaction from yourself and your interpersonal relationships. It increases your clarity for communication, tolerance, love, and affinity. It helps in overcoming relationship troubles allowing you to experience the spiritual connection with your loved ones more deeply. It also helps in connection with the other realms of spirituality.

Problem-solving and improving emotional stability: 741 Hz allows your mind to experience expansion and freedom. It cleans your mind and body, getting rid of all sorts of negativity, infections, or particle build-up in your cells. This type of cleansing helps you gain emotional stability and provides you with more energy to solve your problems, overcome all hindrances, and stabilize your whole being from within.

Harmony with the universe and yourself: 852 HZ awakens your inner strength and self-realization. You feel more connected and coordinated with your body, mind, and spirit. It clears your mind of any energy blockage, thus helping you achieve higher levels of spirituality. It connects you with your more elevated and more awakened consciousness.

Oneness and unity: the 936 Hz unifies your being with the universe. It brings out the real purpose of your existence and lets you reconnect with your true self.

What Does Science Say About Solfeggio frequencies?

The solfeggio frequencies got lost in the changing needs of times and technology. Earlier practices of creating music involved more mathematical strategy than just the spur of the moment, creative juices flowing. That music was, in turn, relaxing, elevating, and more expanding the inner self in comparison to the modern music scales, which limits the listener within himself and creates more pent up energy rather than free-flowing harmony. To harmonize our lives, we need to revert to creating music based on the solfeggio frequencies so that man can fulfill his true inner calling instead of just conforming to the modern society, which binds everyone to moral-less socialistic obligations.

To create music with the original solfeggio frequencies, pure genius, and mathematical intellect is required. According to Nicholas Tesla, the secret to harmony in the natural order lies in the numbers 3, 6, and 9. These numbers also make up the main components of the solfeggio frequencies. According to Albert Einstein, we have misperceived the properties of matter. The matter consists of extremely low frequencies, which are perceptible through our senses. Everything has its specific frequency and vibration, creating their melodies. Each matter-particle contains a musical harmony within its molecular structure, vibrating at a different pace to keep the universe intact.

It results in creating compelling yet harmonious tunes and melodies, which are in accordance with the rhythm of nature. Now the choice is ours whether we create melodious music with the help of Solfeggio frequencies, or give up on our chance of healing ourselves and Mother Nature, which we have been damaging with our destructive and negative energies.

Ways to Access Solfeggio Frequencies

There are several ways to access the solfeggio frequencies. Some of the most important ones are listed down below.

Move to a quiet place where there is no form of distraction

The purpose of achieving harmony through solfeggio frequencies can be made once we remove distractions from around us. We need inner focus, and we need to redirect our energies into creating the balance for which we must move into a balanced, peaceful, and clutter-free space.

Find a comfortable spot to begin

For your mind to be at rest, your body must also be in a state of comfort. It will help you relax quickly and get into the rhythm of solfeggio frequencies for healing you internally. Your posture is just as important as the space you are occupying. Lotus pose is considered comfortable and helpful, to begin with, but you need to find your comfort zone and achieve a focused state of mind through that.

Choose a track to start with

First, you need to select a track. There is no particular order in which you have to listen to the music for it to be more productive. You can play it in any order you like or create a random playlist and play it on repeat, with this music you can do whatever you want.

Set it to a comfortable volume

For you to enjoy the music thoroughly, you need to select the level of volume, which you find most relaxing and pleasing. You can experiment with different volume levels at various times to determine which sound level relaxes you the most.

Relax & Listen to the music

Put yourself into a Zen mode and relax to enjoy the music profoundly, and its effects take place on your mind and body. You can use this music as a part of your meditation routine or before going to sleep, as this will help your mind and body to relax completely. We would suggest avoiding listening to this kind of music before or when you are performing any task that requires your full attention and presence of mind.


Everything vibrates at its cellular level. Incorporating the solfeggio frequencies in your everyday life will help these vibrations reach a peaceful harmony. You will feel more in control yet relaxed at the same time as solfeggio frequencies ensure your inner well-being. These frequencies align your body and mind with the frequency of nature, thus creating a peaceful bond between you, the universe. You can use solfeggio frequencies to heal your spirit from the negative trauma it bears dealing with all the negativity and chaos in the world. These frequencies hold so much power that their true potential can only be recognized once you integrate these frequencies within yourself. You never know, you might find the ultimate key to success and happiness with these frequencies.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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