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The Benefits Of Om Chanting Meditation

The presence and use of Om (Aum) is primarily from the lineages of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism; but some spiritual teachers and researchers also share that this sound and the symbol that represents Om is universal and appears in many main religions and cultures in varied forms. Om is regarded as the fundamental or root sound of all other sounds that we can experience. Om can be practiced as a mantra through chanting meditations; this creates a vibration that resonates throughout the body and can energetically align us to this original and pure sound vibration. Within this article, we shall learn more about the properties of this powerful sound vibration including a breakdown of the aspects that make up the sound Om (Aum), the benefits of chanting Om, and some of the ways that you can practice Om chanting meditation.

The meaning and aspects that make up the Om (Aum) sound

Om is the primordial sound that is considered as the first sound created, the sound which all sound is created from, the sound of pure spirit. We can chant Om as a mantra to resonate this sound throughout the body and align to this sound of god or the universe. In order to chant this mantra with full intention, we should understand more about the 3 aspects that make up Om and the significance of each aspect. Om is pronounced as a sound with 3 parts ‘Aum’. Each of these parts signifies as follows:

  • A -This part of the sound is produced from the belly area around the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra regions and it signifies creative power. It holds the vibration of the very beginning; creating something from nothing.

  • U - This part of the Aum sound is produced from the throat region and it signifies the journey, steadiness, and energy that sustains all. It is energy moving through life and experiences.

  • M - This sound is produced by the closing of the lips, it is the ending of the Aum sound. It signifies death which is the end and the beginning of creation.

Now that we understand the aspects of Om (Aum) it is easier to understand the powerful living, cyclical and natural creative energy that is translated within the significance of this sacred chant. Understanding the significance is only just the surface layer for to truly understand the energy and experience the vibration of Om we must engage in meditation practice with this mantra.

Benefits of Om chanting meditation

Practising Om chanting meditation can give you access to a myriad of physiological and psychological self-healing benefits. The following are some of the benefits you may experience as an effect of chanting the Om mantra.

Feeling the vibratory nature of life

Practicing this powerful mantra can allow you to experience the vibrations or energy that make up all of life. When entering into deep Om chanting meditation you will tune in and stabilize your experience of the tangible and subtle vibrations of this primordial sound.

Regulating the nervous system

Om chanting meditation can engage the parasympathetic nervous system which is our mode of recovery and healing. It can also stimulate the vagus nerve which can help you to relax and improve mental health.

Balance your hormones

Om chanting meditation can affect deep healing within your body and this can help to regulate your hormones.

Calm, clarity, and presence

Chanting Om has a deeply relaxing effect it can actually slow down your heart rate and reduce blood pressure which will leave you feeling calmer and clearer. It also has the benefit of stilling and focusing the mind which can allow increased presence and reduce the experience of anxiety and stress.

Energetic upliftment

The healing and aligning sound vibration of Om when chanted in meditation can have an energizing and uplifting effect. You can enjoy the aligning energy of Om; being clear and relaxed as well as healthy and energized physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How is Om chanting meditation practiced?

Om chanting can be practiced in a variety of ways and below we shall explore 2 simple, powerful, and foundational ways that you can practice Om chanting meditation. Both of these variations of practice have a few foundational elements that you should be aware of:

  • Om chanting is interlinked with the breath, it flows along with intentional breathing. The exhale while chanting Om is usually longer than the inhale.

  • Focus on the vibrations and feel what happens within your body and energy as you chant Om.

  • Seat yourself comfortably and with good posture to allow for energy flow and to tune in deeply to your Om chanting meditation.

  • Allow yourself to relax and tune into the sound frequency of Om.

The internal Om chanting meditation

This practice includes the mental or internal chanting of Om. No external sound vibrations are produced but the sound is resonated inwardly through focused chanting. You can follow your natural rhythms of chanting Om mentally as it arises. As you synchronize with this powerful and relaxing Om mantra you will likely synchronize the first two sounds of the mantra (a and u) with your inhale and the 3rd sound (m) on an elongated exhale.

The intentional vocal chanting of Om

This Om chanting meditation is practiced by repeatedly and intentionally vocalizing the Aum sound. You will feel the vibrations as you chant this mantra out loud while holding your body in a good posture and comfortable position to deeply connect with your breath and tune into this powerful sound frequency. The frequency of Om resonates through your body and as you practice you will also experience the mental and physical benefits.

When you practice Om chanting meditation you can really enjoy the experience when you choose to trust the process and dedicate yourself to this practice in order to feel the effects and benefits for yourself. You will observe how your body immediately responds to this sound vibration and how your physical, spiritual, and mental states are benefited from the long-term practice. Om chanting meditation is an ancient sound healing, activating and aligning energetic technology to connect with the root or fundamental source vibration. It is truly amazing that we have this knowledge and the opportunity to work with this practice as freely and as deeply as we.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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