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The $piritual Habit$ of Millionaire$

Being spiritual does not necessarily mean you want to or need to live a life of just getting by financially or giving up the desire for luxury and material possessions. We are here on this earthly physical plane to experience being human and within this time that we exist money is an integral aspect our lives. Money is a medium, a medium of exchange and a medium to have access to a wide variety of experiences. Money is only harmful if you use it in ways that harm; having a large amount of money in this world actually allows us the opportunity to purchase and choose more sustainable options, to invest in sustainable and beneficial projects that improve our world and to share abundantly with those in need.

Within this article, we will delve into the spiritual mindset of four well-known millionaires to learn from the habits of these humans who have succeeded in embodying financial freedom. We can decide to apply the habits and philosophies that resonate to assist us with our personal goals in relation to financial wealth.

Spiritual Millionaires and their Habits

In this section of the article, we shall learn more about 4 millionaires (some of these people are actually billionaires) and their spiritual habits.

  • John Paul DeJoria

He is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is the founder of the Patron’ spirits company. According to Forbes, his net worth is currently 3.7 billion dollars. John Paul DeJoria did not have easy-going beginnings; he dealt with many hardships in his early life including being homeless twice. He is a testament that we should not give up through difficulties and keep our head up and focused on what we need to or would like to achieve. DeJoria is known to share the wisdom that he gained through his life experience and financial success. He shares 2 key habits linked to spirituality that we can learn from:

  1. Morning Meditation: to start off each day with a clear mind to bring you into a state of focus. Taking time to just be and align yourself. DeJoria has a simple and powerful morning mantra which is “Creator of souls, thank you for the life you have given me, let me see the truth and share what I have and make the world better off because I am here.”

  2. Philanthropy: he states that “Success unshared is failure” and even if we don’t have much we should share whatever we can.

  • Jack Ma

He is a Chinese businessman who is the co-founder of the multinational e-commerce and technology company Alibaba. According to Forbes, he is currently the richest man in China with a net worth is 59.8 billion dollars. Jack Ma also comes from humble beginnings; he grew up as part of a poor family in communist China, he learnt English by showing tourists around his city –Hangzhou. After finally getting into university after much rejection and failure he graduated to become an English teacher .After years of dedicated teaching his interest was piqued by the internet. He has the idea of Alibaba e-commerce platform and patiently did everything needed to make it happen. If you watch a video of Jack Ma you will instantly pick up on his positive energy, he has a few spiritually mindful philosophies that have contributed to his success:

  1. Patience: Jack Ma’s story is an embodiment of patience. He was patient throughout much rejection in his youth. Patient in his normal teacher’s job and patient in the creation and success of Alibaba. Part of having patience is training your mind to focus and to let go of complaining.

  2. Unity and Connection: Jack Ma founded an e-commerce platform that made products easily accessible to the world; when coming up with the idea for Alibaba he assessed the needs of people and within his company philosophies he holds very high respect and gratitude for his customers as well as his employees.

  • Deepak Chopra

He is a bestselling author and advocate for natural medicine and spirituality. He has a net worth of 150 million dollars. Deepak Chopra makes a point to speak and teach about the link between money and spirituality. He has many habits and teachings that link to wealth creation but here are the ones that stood out and are a basis for all other spiritual habits:

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness: using these practices to get in touch with the infinite source of energy which is the infinite source of abundance.

  2. Gratitude: thinking of all the things you are grateful for can get you in touch with the energy of feeling abundant which can help you to attract financial wealth with ease.

  3. Conscious Exchange: Understanding that money is an exchange of energy and an exchange of values. Use your wealth with conscious intention.

A great resource to consult that summarizes Deepak Chopra’s philosophy on money is available on YouTube titled The Metaphysics of Money: 7 laws of abundance

  • Rhonda Byrne

She is a writer, producer and author of the bestselling law of attraction book The Secret. She has a network of 100 million dollars. Her book and movie are so successful and influential that she is a millionaire. The Secret has brought our innate power of conscious creation into awareness of many people. She discovered the concepts for the book through much reading and research when she was at a very challenging point in her life and from the moment she discovered it she has lived her life by the principles of The Secret (which are essentially about intentionally harnessing the power of your mind to create). Rhonda Byrnes habits for creating wealth are directly linked to The Secret:

  1. Law of Attraction: Being intentional about your thoughts and emotions and knowing that you have the power to attract your experiences.

  2. Visualization: Creating specific and detailed visualizations daily of the wealth you would like to receive and experience.

To learn about The Secret you can read the book, view the movie or summaries of the concepts on YouTube. As the content of the book helped Rhonda Byrne’s and many others to succeed maybe it will resonate with you too.

And so, by taking a peek into the world of these millionaires who are clearly in touch with the energy and workings of abundance consciousness we can take in which habits resonate and see how these work for us. To summarize some of the habits of millionaires mentioned above they included meditation, mindfulness, visualization, the law of attraction, gratitude and conscious intention and connections. Committing to a spiritual practice that works for you will definitely help you with your relationship with money. In our world where the majority of exchange is based upon money, when we become conscious that money is energy then financial freedom can become a by-product of the energy we invest into our daily habits which define our holistic and spiritual wellbeing. __Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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