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The Spiritual Science of Numerology

Numerology is a spiritual level of understanding surrounding numbers. It includes the understanding that everything is energy and so too are numbers; each number is resonant of a unique vibration, frequency and message. Within this article, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of what numerology is and numerological concepts. You will also find a simple and effective list of the meanings of specific numbers and combinations.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient understanding tracing back to being practiced as far as 13000 years ago and has also been called the science of numbers. There are 3 types of numerology:

  • Chaldean Numerology

This ancient form of numerology shares that each number has an energetic signature or vibration. Chaldean numerology offers that numbers are prophetic. In this system, each number is representative of specific letters and each single-digit number has a meaning of various energetic attributes.

  • Kabbalah Numerology

A system of numerology used in Hebrew traditions, it also attributes number to letters and specific trait to the single-digit numbers 1-9. Kabbalah numerology explores the numerical value of one’s name and traits linked to the name number.

  • Pythagorean Numerology

The most popular western or modern form of numerology named after its founder, the philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras. Pythagorean numerology also associated each single-digit number with specific letters of the alphabet (the letter-number association or patterns differ between the various forms of numerology). This form of numerology explores personal understanding through using intentional formulas to calculate your life path number, name number, soul number, personality number and attitude number.

Numerology can be regarded as a spiritual science. Numerology uses numbers as a language to investigate our potential and flow through life with a higher perspective understanding. There is a mystical or spiritual relationship between numbers and our lives. Numerology can present itself in various spontaneous or intentional ways, and so there are a few key concepts or phenomenon that can be explored:

  • Angel Numbers

Angel Number is actually a term interchangeable with the word numerology, it is a word used within the New Age community to speak about numerology within daily life and the higher dimensional or divinely guiding messages numbers can offer. The term Angel Number is often associated with a repeated number such as 1111, 2222, 333; the repetition echoes the vibration of the single digits conveying a clear message, it is almost as if the repetition is to bring your attention to a timely message. Angel numbers are often experienced as a synchronicity or seemingly spontaneously but with relevant meaning or messages of higher guidance.

  • Divination

As we have understood from briefly looking at the 3 forms of numerology; they are slightly different in method but each similar in the intent of using numbers for divination or guidance. You can intentionally consult the numbers related to your name and birth date to gain insight and guidance specific to you. You can calculate your life path number which will offer you insight into some of your innate abilities and life purpose.

To calculate your life path number you add up the single digits of your date of birth until you are left with a single-digit

E.g. Birth date 8 /08/1995 you add up each digit 8+0+8+1+9+9+5=40 reduce your answer by adding single digits together 4+0 = 4 is the life path number for this date

You can use the quick reference of numerology meanings below to learn more about the significance of your resonant numbers.

Numerology Meanings

In this section we will look into how specific numbers are meaningful by beginning to explore the significance of the following numbers:

Single Digits

1 – The number one radiates the energy of newness, individuality, uniqueness, power, creativity, autonomy, pioneering, leadership, achievement and success.1 is also often associated with masculine energy or solar energy.

2 – The number two is resonant of the energy of balance, partnership, co-creation, love, sensitivity, trust, service, devotion and union. 2 is also associated with feminine energy.

3 – The number three vibrates at the frequency of growth, expansion, communication, intelligence, friendship, fun, freedom, imagination and expression. 3 is also associated with clarity, inspiration and ease in manifestation.

4 – The number four offers the energies of discipline, organization, practicality, focus, morality, contentiousness, grounding, motivation and endurance.4 is also associated with strength and stability.

5 – The energy of five is all about freedom, adaptability, progress, courage, vision, curiosity, inspiration and change. 5 is also associated with the freedom and power of personal choices and experiences.

6 – The number six vibrates at the frequency of care, unconditional love, nurturing, healing, service, grace and integrity.6 is also associated with family and a harmonious home.

7 – The number seven is linked to spiritual awakening, it is a number associated with a rise in consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.7 is also associated with intuition, healing, introspection, depth, self-acceptance, knowledge and refinement.

8 – The number eight holds the energy of confidence, abundance, embodiment, achievement and personal power.8 is also associated with leadership and wisdom.

9 – The number nine is the numerical energy of love and light; it is associated with unconditional love, faith, spiritual understanding, compassion, forgiveness and empathy. 9 can be considered as the expression of the higher spiritual perspective embodied in the physical or everyday earthly reality.

Angel Numbers

1111 is an activating and awakening angel number, a reminder of the spiritual-energetic reality.

22 is an angelic message reminding you of mastery, balance and connection to infinite source energy.

333 is a messenger of freedom and encouragement to explore your life purpose.

4444 holds the message of deep trust, trusting your intuition and knowing you are divinely supported

666 is a reminder of harmony and gratitude; awareness of the balance between spiritual and material aspects.

An amazingly comprehensive and clear resource you can consult to further delve into the detailed vibrational meanings of numbers is the Sacred Scribes website by Joanne Walmsley

Numerology is such a vast topic that we have only just begun to explore the basics within this article; like most things in life you will truly gain value from numerology when you take notice, remain open, apply your existing knowledge ad continually research as well as consult your intuition. Numbers will stand out for you or show up when you require guidance. As you communicate to life that you are open to communicating in this way, as you begin to take notice to this numerical form of language you will experience the magical synchronicity that seems to be part of numerology. The numbers with the perfect reminders, insights and spiritual messages will show up exactly when needed! __Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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