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Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy: How It Can Help You

Did you know singing can be beneficial for your healing, wellness, and perhaps meditation? But before we dive into the concept of singing bowl therapy and how it can help you release stress, we need to revisit the idea of sound therapy. In essence, it is used to deconstruct music to have a powerful effect on our emotions that can help us in ways similar to meditation.

What is Singing Bowl Therapy?

A singing bowl therapy is an extension of sound therapy, which takes place through Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls.

A Tibetan singing bowl is a type of bell, which vibrates and produces a rich deep tone to promote relaxation and well being. The singing bowl therapy is considered an alternative treatment; not only does it provide an overall calming effect for our body, but it can also relieve stress and treat a multitude of illnesses including anxiety, depression, mental disorders, and even be useful in treating a severe disease such as Parkinson’s.

A Brief History of Using Singing Bowls

Also known as Himalayan singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls were used by Buddhist monks in the subcontinent and all across Asia for thousands of years as a meticulous meditating tool.

Today, these singing bowls serve as a therapeutic alternative to various illnesses. These bowls date back to almost 3000 BC made up of alloys of different metals from falling meteorites.

Why Are Tibetan Singing Bowls Special?

One of the most critical factors of Tibetan singing bowls is perhaps their composition made up of alloys from five to seven different metals, which are connected to different planets such as:

● Lead (Saturn)

● Tin (Jupiter)

● Iron (Mars)

● Copper (Venus)

● Mercury (Mercury)

● Silver (the Moon) and

● Gold (the Sun).

Together these elements harness a powerful impact over our physical, emotional, and spiritual state through sound. The sound produced by these elements depends on the ratio, size, and internal composition of these elements present in a singing bowl.

How Do They Work?

To understand the importance of the singing bowls, we need to go through basic concepts of music therapy, meditation, vibration work, and brainwave entrainment.

You need to understand how Tibetan singing bowls work, depending whether we are using a hammered bowl or a molded bowl. A singing bowl generally resonates with a pure healing sound, whereas a hammered bowl creates particular vibrations, which oscillate at different frequencies.

The musicality generated due to a singing bowl induces us into a meditative state, once we are entirely in a meditative estate, our blood and sugar levels reduce, thus improving our hormone levels and lowering stress. When we play a singing bowl, the vibrations cause the left and right side of our brain to synchronize and emit alpha and theta brain waves in synchronicity.

Theta brain waves produce an overall healing effect for our body and mind together.

How to Use Them?

To get the full benefit of a singing bowl, you need to follow specific steps. You can`t just create oscillating sounds out of thin air. First, gently strike or strum the bowl using a wooden mallet. For a singing bowl therapy to work, you need to be fully present and positive about the whole process.

You can moderate the frequency of the sound being produced by rotating the mallet. For a high frequency and loud sound, you might have to turn the mallet faster as opposed to a slow rotation and a softer tone. With a mallet, you can be a bit creative about sound regeneration. To create a base effect, you can strike the bowl with the middle of the mallet perpendicular to the bowl.

Physical Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

The singing bowl therapy is far more significant due to its effectiveness in our various health conditions with lowering blood pressure, stress, tension, and improving our mood. Additionally singing bowl therapy helps us:

● With Headache and migraine

● To improve the digestive system,

● With spine injuries,

● Improve our blood circulation

● Enhance our energy flow

● Eliminate toxins from our body.

● Improve our immune system

The benefits don't end here; singing bowl therapy transgresses into our additional emotional and spiritual ailments.

Emotional Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

The sound of a Tibetan singing bowl helps release our emotional tensions, blockages, and barriers. An individual feels more:

● Relieved

● Energized

● Confident

● Alleviated from mental and emotional pain

Spiritual Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

With physical and emotional benefits, singing bowl therapy enables us to have a better balance in life with:

● Self-fulfilling feeling

● Cleaning of our energy centers or chakras. As per experts, core chakra releases the Kundalini energy, which can be felt as a slight discomfort if there are blockages in our energetic lines.

● We are reaching our innermost essence with a high frequency.

● The higher vibration of love

Can You Use Them at Home?

Now we know the ancient significance of Tibetan singing bowls, but how can we use them for our wellness at home? You can use a Tibetan bowl for singing bowl therapy if you go by well-suggested measures such as:

● To try them for at least an hour before going to bed so that your body can process the generated vibrations from the singing bowl.

● To experience the vibrations on a deeper level, try chanting, toning, singing at the same frequency to have a nourishing effect on the body.

● For meditative purposes or deep sleep, place the bowl on your solar plexus (heart chakra) and strike for 10 minutes or so. It’ll also help you restore your 3rd eye chakra balance.

The Bottom Line

We all are pretty aware of this ancient discovery by spiritual tourists in the Himalayas almost 6000 years ago. As of today, the westernized interpretation has turned these singing bowls into a remarkable healing tool.

But to experience the regeneration through sound and subsequent healing effects, we need to associate ourselves with Himalayan traditions on a much deeper level and self-practice with Tibetan singing bowls until our mind is at ease with the overall concept of sound therapy.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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