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Binaural Beats vs Solfeggio Frequencies: Which one is better?

The amazing healing power of music is something that is widely acknowledged and experienced, we have all at some time felt uplifted or aligned through listening to a piece of music. Over time the healing effects of sound have been studied and intentionally harnessed for specific healing and alignment. Today the culmination of ancient sacred pieces of knowledge, awareness, experimentation, and musical as well as scientific study has resulted in what we broadly call frequency music (frequency refers to the speed of the sound vibrations that create the music and have the ability to affect our personal vibration). Among the most well-known types of intentional frequency music, we find solfeggio frequency music and binaural music to be the most interesting ones. These are the two types of frequency music that we will explore within our article today.

We will especially look towards understanding how these two types of frequency music are different and we will offer some high-quality royalty-free binaural music and solfeggio music that you can experience and utilize.

Binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies can often be confused as the same thing and so to properly understand the differences we start with a basic understanding of each of these types of frequency music:

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are a form of frequency or brainwave entrainment music that is composed of two different frequencies. When listened to properly (using headphones) these different frequencies are played in each ear to create a 3rd frequency which is what is perceived by the brain. This 3rd frequency is what is effective in entraining the listeners’ brainwaves to an intentional state.

Binaural beats frequency range includes the following:

  • Delta (0.1-4Hz) meditation, healing, pain relief, deep sleep, unconscious mind.

  • Theta(4-8Hz) deep relaxation, creativity, meditation.

  • Alpha (8-14Hz) stress relief, relaxation, flow states, learning.

  • Beta (14-30Hz) focus, cognition, analytical, solutions, active and energetic.

  • Gamma (30-100Hz) creative thinking, enhanced cognition, memory recall, attention to detail.

Binaural beats can be beneficial as they allow listeners to intentionally harness brainwave states that are relevant to the needs of the individual. If you would like to learn about brainwave states in more detail you can start off by reading our article Binaural Beats - How Can They Help You Sleep Better?

What are solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones of sound that can be used to effect vibrational healing on a conscious and subconscious level. Solfeggio frequencies are musical tuning. These frequencies have ancient roots and reflect the precise mathematical nature of harmonic sound. Solfeggio tones include the following 6 main frequencies:

  • 396Hz-liberation from fear and guilt.

  • 417Hz-facilitation of change and undoing situations.

  • 528Hz-miracles and DNA repair.

  • 639Hz- relationships and reconnection.

  • 741Hz-solutions and self-expression.

  • 852Hz-aligning to spiritual order.

Music can be tuned or composed to harmonize with the frequencies of the solfeggio scale to effect intentional sound healing for listeners. To learn about solfeggio frequencies in more detail you can read the article: Solfeggio Frequencies - Everything You Need To Know

Understanding the differences between binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies

These are some of the notable differences when we compare binaural beats vs. solfeggio frequencies:

  • The intended frequency of binaural beats is perceived by the brain whereas the frequency of a solfeggio tone is perceived by the ears just as it is played.

  • Binaural beats are created using two different frequencies and a third (ghost) frequency is perceived by the brain of the listener while solfeggio frequencies contain one intended frequency which is achieved by tuning.

  • You need to listen using headphones for binaural beats to be effective but when listening to solfeggio frequencies you can choose any method of listening.

  • Binaural beats origin is attributed to the physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in the year 1839and the most noted origin of the solfeggio scale is attributed to the Italian monk Guido d’Arezzo in the 11th century.

  • Binaural beats have a frequency range that is associated with our 5 brainwave states while solfeggio tones are most commonly referred to as the 6 main solfeggio frequencies.

You can get access to an array of high-quality royalty-free binaural music and solfeggio frequency music via the Meditation Music Library website. The tracks within the binaural music collections and solfeggio frequencies collections have been expertly composed by Music Of Wisdom with the intention of inducing healing. All the tracks are available for both personal as well as commercial use.

We hope you enjoy the amazing benefits of these sound healing frequencies.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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