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Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Theta Waves

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Binaural music is the use of sound frequencies with the intention to have a desired energetic effect; specific sound vibrations match specific brainwaves and states of being. Binaural beats can help to tune the brain intentionally to any of the natural wavelengths that our brains operate at (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta states). Each state has an effect of specific behavioral and emotional characteristics and within this article, we shall focus on understanding the theta wave state and how to enjoy the benefits of theta waves within your meditations by utilizing high-quality royalty-free brain entrainment music offered by Music Of Wisdom.

Royalty free binaural music collection - theta waves download

What is Binaural Music?

Since we are exploring this topic you may find it interesting to understand a little bit about how binaural music has its powerful effect. Music with binaural beats actually has the best effect when listened to with headphones, this is because the binaural music consists of audio with 2 tones: a different tone is played to each of your ears. Thehuman brain processes these 2 tones and the tone experienced by your brain is the difference of the tones experienced in each ear. An example of this would be: listening to 200Hz in your right ear and 205Hz in your left ear which results in your brain experiencing a 5Hz tone ( a tone within the theta wavelength range ).

The different binaural tones experienced by the brain can have varied effects on the human mind, body, and spirit; for example, 5Hz (theta state) is said to have the effect of relaxation, reduced anxiety, improved moods, meditation, and creativity flow. Listening to binaural beats for a significant period of time can entrain your brainwaves to the frequency you are hearing and so you can induce the desired effects associated with each frequency.

What are ThetaWaves?

Brainwaves are the frequencies or energetic activity of the brain. Brainwaves are measure in hertz (Hz) which is a unit of frequency thatis also used to measure sound.

Theta waves are vibrations which fall within the range of 4-8 Hz . Through the study of the human brain, it has been found that when the brain is operating within a theta state then the corresponding effects are states of relaxation, REM sleep state, meditation, or a creative state.

The Benefits of Utilizing Royalty-Free Binaural Theta Wave Music Within Meditation

Theta waves range from around 4 to 8 Hz and can be connected to the following activities and effects:

  • REM Sleep state

  • Lucid dreaming state

  • Anxiety reduction and relief

  • Meditation

  • Daydreaming

  • Creative states

  • Deep relaxation

You can incorporate theta waves by listening to theta wave music. You can utilize theta waves to their full effect by using theta wave binaural music within your personal meditations, guided meditations and sound healings.

If you are looking for high-quality royalty-free theta wave music you can preview the following intentionally composed tracks from Meditation Music Library website by Music Of Wisdom.

Each of the following 6 compositions incorporates binaural theta waves and is available for purchase. Each track linked in the titles below includes royalty-free and commercial use license in accordance with a licensing agreement.

Includes 6Hz theta waves within the composition of piano and flute music. This meditation track has uplifting energy; this track has been greatly appreciated on Insight Timer with over 39.k plays thus far.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

A composition intended for a calming sleep. Includes ocean sounds, piano and 6Hz theta waves.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

A deep hypnotherapy track containing 7Hz theta waves.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

Utilizes 5Hz theta waves and piano music to create a deep sleep meditation track.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

A deep sleep meditation track that utilizes 6Hz theta waves.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

This meditation music track contains 4Hz theta waves that assist with experiencing calm, relaxation, and deep sleep states.

Royalty free binaural music - theta waves

Royalty-free binaural music can enhance your guided meditation offerings by adding an intentional layer of sound. Theta waves are especially relevant for fostering a state of relaxation and assisting the listener to easily enter deep meditative states. Theta waves can also be used within practices and guided meditations specifically intended for anxiety relief, lucid dreaming and creativity enhancement.

The compositions can be used in your personal practice for relaxation, focus, creativity and meditation and can definitely be used within your guided meditation offerings. You can intentionally curate your guided meditations for your listeners to have increased effect from meditating with the deeply relaxing theta wave meditation music.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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