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Royalty-Free Choral Meditation Music

Choral music is also known as choir music and it is produced by a group of musicians performing in synchronized and organized harmonies. Choral music includes an array of vocalists as well as orchestral instruments and piano music. It is well known that choir music is appreciated as religious music within popular religions such as Christianity. The concept of choral music is also present in different forms within religions and cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Shamanism ( we explore this idea in depth in our blog entitled The Significance of the Choir in Spirituality and Religion). Within this article, we will explore the use and benefits of choral music within meditation practice and recorded guided meditations as well as introduce a collection of royalty-free choral meditation music compositions by Music Of Wisdom.

Why is choral music great for meditation?

It can be observed and felt that choral music works wonderfully as meditation music, the reasons for this are as follows:

Choral meditation music radiates a powerful collective energy

Choral music radiates the energy of oneness and belonging to the meditator. When choral music is composed each individual vocalist or musician comes together to contribute integral parts of the collective sound energy. This energy is perfect for meditation and guided meditation as it can be felt by listeners and meditators; they can tune into this vibration of interconnection and wholeness.

Choral meditation music offers an uplifting vibration

Choral music is perfect as meditation music as it is very uplifting. This music offers energizing positivity and a general feeling of expansiveness. When meditating with this music you can feel the almost instant energy shift and lifting of your emotional state. Lifting your emotions during meditation can be extra powerful as well as enjoyable.

Choral meditation music is an opportunity to consciously get in touch with powerful emotions

As mentioned in the point above choral music can have an uplifting effect on your emotional energy but it can also take you on an emotional journey. The melodic composition can be dramatic as well as calm and soothing. You can choose to meditate with choir music for an emotional experience and for sensory listening pleasure during meditation. Life is not only about the light emotions but it is a balance of light and shadow. We can embrace our varying emotional states during meditation, in a space of conscious presence in order to integrate this human condition of contrasting emotions which adds to the richness of our life experience. Intentionally chosen choral meditation music can take you on a curated emotional and energetic journey.

The spiritual significance of choral music

Choral music is often performed with a positive spiritual or religious intention. These intentions can include divine love, faith, devotion, upliftment, remembrance, praise, harmony and connection. The spiritual energy of choir music makes it really powerful for use within meditation as these intentions can have an extra positive effect when we are fully present and tuned in during the state of deep meditation. You can read more about choral music in connection to religion and spirituality in our previous blog The Significance of the Choir in Spirituality and Religion.

Royalty-free choral music collection

The best way to know the beauty and power of choral meditation music is to experience it for yourself. You can choose to meditate with high-quality choral meditation music for the best experience. The following tracks are part of an intentionally composed collection of choral meditation music tracks from the Meditation Music Library Website by Music Of Wisdom.

This is a choral meditation music track that offers an uplifting energy.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

This meditation music composition includes choral music with angelic vocals that are deeply calming.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

This track is a very calming choral meditation music track that includes angelic vocals.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

This composition is perfect for deep meditation as it includes a combination of ocean sounds and choir music.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

This track includes music of the flute and choral music, it is intended for entering into a deeply healing meditative state.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

This collection of beautiful choral meditation music is currently on sale for just $139 for all five of the high-quality deeply relaxing and healing compositions described above. Each track includes both a long and short version as well as royalty-free and commercial use license.

Royalty free relaxing choral music download

We encourage you to try meditating with this music within your personal practice as well as to consider mixing the royalty-free choral music compositions within your guided meditation, relaxation, and healing offerings. Choral meditation music can be deeply spiritually re-energizing and uplifting. The power of tuning into choral music while in a present and meditative state is almost tangible and most definitely satisfying and sensorial. Including choral music within meditation and guided meditation can add a potent and intentional emotional energetic resonance to your practices and offerings.

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