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Royalty-Free Spa Music

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Listening to music can have some amazing beneficial effects that we don’t often consciously acknowledge. Research has shown how the stimulation we experienced when listening to certain types of music can be utilized to affect the human brain for positive outcomes which include: stress and anxiety relief, pain reduction, boosting and in-sighting memory or emotions, healing, and aligning to intentional frequencies or energies.

We know that a spa is a space that offers health, wellness, self-care, beautifying, healing, and relaxing therapies; but a spa is definitely more than just the therapies that are offered. A memorable spa visit includes an all-around sensory experience. Within this article, we shall discuss the value of utilizing royalty-free spa music compositions within your spa space, details on how you can access this royalty-free spa music as well as more information on some of the specific spa music tracks that are offered by Music Of Wisdom.

Royalty free spa music download

Why include spa music?

The following are just a few of the reasons why you should consider including intentionally composed royalty-free spa music:

  • Effecting deeper relaxation and presence

Music can help your clients to relax on a mental, physical and energetic level and music that is composed with a guiding intention such as spa music and guided meditation music can help listeners to become more fully present in the moment. The relaxation and presence can make it more likely that clients will receive the full benefits from their treatments and therapies. It can help them to easier settle into this space and time that they set aside to care for themselves and to fully enjoy it.

  • Creates a sensory and multi-layered experience

Sensory experience makes your spa treatment more memorable and enjoyable; royalty-free spa music can help you to engage the hearing and emotional senses of your clients. Music can offer an added layer of vibrational and sound healing that benefits your clients on body, mind, and soul levels.

  • Creates a more memorable experience

Soulful and intentionally composed music played within your spa can help to create a more memorable experience for your clients. Choosing high-quality royalty-free spa music that resonates with the intention of your spa will allow you to utilize the power of music within your space; compositions are intended to bring a positive vibration and the natural water sounds used with music creates a perfect ambiance.

How to find royalty-free spa music?

You can find high-quality spa music that includes royalty-free and commercial use licenses via the Meditation Music Library by Music of Wisdom. Here you will find available tracks that have been intentionally composed for use as meditation music and spa music. If you require tailor-made spa music to suit your needs you can also make use of Music Of Wisdom's custom music service or the curation and mixing service.

Royalty-free spa music compositions

Meditation Music Library by Music Of Wisdom offers a wide variety of royalty-free meditation music as well as intentionally composed ambient, spa, background, binaural, hypnosis, sleep, and relaxation music.

Here is an introduction of some of the royalty-free spa music tracks currently available on the Meditation Music Library website:

This track is a calming composition the makes use of the sounds of ocean elements and includes gentle angelic vocals.

royalty free spa music download

This meditation track is perfectly suited as spa music as it has a positive and uplifting vibe that is created by their use of cello music, ocean wave sounds, and angelic vocals.

royalty free spa music download

This track includes the relaxing nature sounds within a forest as well a the sounds of a flowing river. It has uplifting and refreshing energy.

royalty free spa music download

This track has positive energy, it makes use of piano music and includes ocean wave sounds.

royalty free spa music download

A positive song with the intention of cultivating self-love; it includes piano music and the sounds of falling rain.

royalty free spa music download

This composition includes guitar and angelic vocals; it is suited perfectly for a spa that wishes to create a positive atmosphere.

royalty free spa music download

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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