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Royalty-Free Yoga Music

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Yoga is a holistic set of practices that originated from ancient Asia Andover time it has branched out into the various styles and forms of yoga that are practiced all over the world today. The focus of yoga is usually harmony and alignment of the mind, body and spirit. Meditation is an intrinsic element within holistic yoga practice; meditation music that is composed for yoga can assist with focus, flow and curating an environment or energy space to enter into a deeply beneficial practice. Within this article, we shall look into some of the benefits of including music within your practice; specifically yoga or meditation music. We shall also learn more about the royalty-free music tracks offered by Music Of Wisdom.

Royalty free yoga music collection download

Benefits of utilizing royalty-free yoga music

The use of music within yoga practice has a variety of viewpoints, some of the traditional schools of thought prefer the practice to be in silence or with traditional Sanskrit chants (chants or mantras also make use of the powerful vibrational effects of sound). Since there are now so many variations and styles of yoga that are practiced the use of music can be left up to personal preference. Many contemporary yoga teachers and students enjoy yoga music within their practice as music can be utilized to enhance their experience in various ways.

Royalty-free yoga music can be used within your practice; it can be used with intention within your in-person studio classes or online classes and you can also use yoga music within your personal yoga practice.

You can choose to play royalty-free yoga music throughout your class as background music or as an introduction before and at the start of class to set the tone. You can also utilize yoga music towards the end of class during shavasana, intentional relaxation, yogic breathwork or meditation.

These are some of the ways that including intentionally composed royalty-free yoga music can benefit your practice:

  • Focusing the mind

Listening to intentionally composed music can help to bring yoga students into the present moment; music can assist with focus as it has a direct impact on our brainwave states. Listening to music can help students to be more present and so they will take in more benefits from their experience of the yoga class.

  • Getting into a flow state

Yoga music can help you to easily enter into a flow state; this is linked to the point above about how music can help us to focus, but a flow state is also beyond just focus. It can be understood as a state of mind, body and soul harmony; where you are immersed in the present activity and your emotions and energy are high, clear and vibrant.

  • Vibrational alignment

The sound of music creates vibrations that directly affect our mind, body and energy. Listening to music with an intentional frequency (the number of vibrations per second) can have specific effects; yoga music can be utilized to align with meditative, relaxing and expansive frequencies.

  • A sensory experience

Yoga music can offer added sensory experience by engaging the yoga students' sense of listening. An experience that engages the senses is usually more memorable and enjoyable. Honoring, activating and working with the body is a key part of yoga practice and engaging the senses through music can be a form of mindfulness that deepens physical awareness, presence and gratitude.

Royalty-free yoga music tracks

The following are some of our best available royalty- free yoga and meditation music tracks composed by Music of Wisdom. Each of these compositions is high-quality and created with the intent to bring the benefit of music to your practice:

This yoga music and meditation track include the sounds of the hang drum, cello and piano. It is an emotive track that is suited for immersing deeply into the practice.

Royalty free yoga music download

This is a calming and relaxing track that includes the sound of waves and piano playing. It can be included within a meditative and calming yoga practice.

Royalty free yoga music download

This track includes music created with a hang drum and cello. It has an uplifting energy and can be enjoyed within an energizing and aligning yoga or meditation practice.

Royalty free yoga music download

This track has a positive vibe. It would be enjoyed during an early yoga and meditation session.

Royalty free yoga music download

This is an uplifting track that makes use of piano music. It is peaceful and energizing and would be a great addition to any yoga or meditation session

Royalty free yoga music download

This is an uplifting composition that includes violin music. It is perfect for morning yoga or meditation practice.

Royalty free yoga music download

This track offers uplifting energy. It includes angelic vocals that can be enjoyed within the flow of a yoga session, during a meditation or breathwork session.

Royalty free yoga music download

Each of the tracks above is available and can be purchase from our Meditation Music Library website; purchase of any of these tracks includes high-quality MP3 audio downloads of both a long and short version as well as royalty-free and commercial use license in alignment with our licensing agreement

As we have learned that including yoga music within your practice can offer some valuable benefits, music can be an added layer of energy, alignment and intention that can take your practice to the next level. Enjoy learning and experimenting with mixing royalty-free yoga music into your yoga and meditation sessions. The best way to learn what works for you and to reap the benefits is through experience.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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