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Sound Healing Therapy: 7 Musical Instruments You Need

As humans, we're often surrounded by negative vibes. We can be exposed to the negativity that makes us irritated and affects our overall wellbeing to the extent that it starts interfering with our routine. If you're going through such an ordeal, no need to worry because we have one of the best solutions for your troubles; sound healing therapy!

Sound healing therapy dates back to ancient Greece. They'd make use of musical instruments to create sounds that are soothing for the mind and puts it to rest. We can also found many traces of this therapy among other cultures, such as the Aborigines and the Native Americans.

They all use different instruments, such as a yidaki, to heal the physical ailments of the people in their tribe. Many even believe that singing or chanting it as a communal ritual can bless the entire tribe.

It certainly shows us that sound healing therapy has been in use for years now and is effective.

What Is Sound Healing Therapy and Why Is It Important?

In essence, sound healing therapy makes use of musical instruments to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. It can also open up your blocked chakras and help you reach a stage of spiritual consciousness.

It has become a common practice among spiritual people and healers. Even ordinary people listen to soothing music to promote sleep and soothe the pain. You must know that music has a healing effect on each of us, and that is what a sound healing therapy does; it allows your mind to relax and open for healing.

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy

Making sound healing therapy a part of your daily routine helps you improve and rejuvenate as an individual. It starts by opening up your blocked chakras, which in turn allow you to be more alert and more energetic in all senses.

Some of the most important benefits include:

  • It restores the mental, emotional, and physical balance of your being.

  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Improves concentration and memory.

  • It improves your sleeping pattern and sleep quality.

  • Enhances your immunity against diseases and illnesses

  • Allows you to be more creative and conscious

  • Heightens your spirituality and higher consciousness.

7 Musical Instruments You Need For Sound Healing Therapy

Now that you're aware of the many benefits of sound healing therapy, let's look at the seven most important musical instruments that you can use to evoke your healing process.

1. Drums

Drums are one of the earliest recorded instruments that people use for healing. To date, many African and Australian tribes play drums to spin an air of calm. You can also listen to it while meditating.

There are many kinds of drums that you can use for your healing therapy. They include:

  • Bongos

  • Ocean Drums

  • Hang Drums

  • Buffalo Drums

2. Gong

Gong is one of the most potent instruments used for sound healing purposes. However, one has to be careful while playing it. The strokes have to be skillful and not too brutal. Otherwise, it might not have any effect.

People say that it has been in use since 4000 BC and can heal your emotional ailings. The instrument also helps in restoring your chakra balance. You can listen to it while meditating and practicing yoga.

3. Wind Chimes

Who doesn't love the sweet melody created by the chimes when wind runs across it? Well, we all do! Many people use wind chimes for decorative purposes in their homes. In a way, the sound does cast a positive effect on them.

There are many kinds of chimes that you can use. Some of them are metallic, and some of them are made of woods. Every material would have a distinct sound. However, they're all equally effective in creating a pleasant and soothing tone.

You can listen to them while meditating or if you lack focus.

4. Harp

Many people view harp as a sensational musical instrument. It is often represented in pop culture in that light too. But what most people might not know is that harp is being used since 3000 BC for healing purposes.

The melody that it creates is ancient and therefore has a spiritual effect on the people listening to it. Perhaps, that is the reason why you feel so attracted to the sound of a harp.

It is incredibly therapeutic to the mind and the soul. So, learn to play it or make it a habit to listen to it for holistic healing.

5. Tuning Fork

You'd be amazed to know that the tuning forks were first invented with the invention of tuning instruments. However, now they are used as an instrument in their own right.

Most of the forks are pre-tuned to a set frequency of either 128 Hz or 512 Hz. They're even placed on different body parts to induce the desired response from your body.

Using a tuning fork will help you restore balance and harmony in your life.

6. Pan Flute

Pan flutes are just as ancient and timeless as the world we live in. The records date back to 6000 BC when they were first used by civilizations. The instrument certainly has a mystic aura attached to it that helps relieve your stress and anxiety.

They're most commonly made from wood or bamboo. The best part is that with proper training and dedicated practice, anyone can learn how to play a pan flute. It is such an instrument that can easily be kept at home and carried around.

7. Singing Bowl

Singing bowl or the Tibetian singing bowl is another form of sound healing therapy that is mostly used by mystics and spiritual people. The rich and deep tone that the instrument creates has a calming effect on your body, which also helps in restoring its balance.

Key Takeaway

So, don't wait any longer. Open a gate of healing, peace, and harmony in your life with the help of the musical instruments. Remember, sound healing therapy is a life-long practice that'll help you heal your emotional ailments and physical illnesses. It is a way of a fulfilled and happy life - a way that awaits you!

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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