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Spirituality in Modern Life

Spirituality is a timeless state of awareness but there is variation in how spirituality is practiced and perceived over time this is due to the evolution of humans, our state of consciousness, and our environment. The word modern can be most simply defined as ‘relating to the present’ and spirituality can be understood as ‘connection or concern with the spirit or source energy’. Awareness of spirit has existed in different perceptions and expressions throughout time; from the ecstatic trance dances accessing altered states of awareness and deep spiritual connection with nature of ancient tribes around the world to spiritual exploration through the various world religions and philosophies to the more alternative accessing of spirituality such as the age of psychedelic induced spiritual awakening leading up to a spread of occult and spiritual knowledge alongside the evolution of technology and the connectivity and accessibility offered by the internet. In this present modern moment, we are situated in the most interesting and dynamic time where we are offered a wealth of knowledge and freedom which can facilitate spiritual understanding and embodiment.

Within this article, the consideration of spirituality in modern life shall focus upon the value of spirituality in the present, an exploration of technology and spirituality (technology is an integral part of modern life), and finally a few ways that we can integrate spiritual practices into our modern lives.

The Value of Spirituality in Modern Life

In this section of the article, we shall explore some perspectives and observations of spirituality in modern life and the value it can hold.

  • Spirituality can assist us in dealing with human problems (mental, physical, and emotional) that arise due to the generally fast-paced distracted lifestyle that modern life usually operates within.

  • Modern ideals often promote egocentric behavior and embodied spirituality can allow us to become more understanding of our connection to all things and so less individualistic in our thinking and actions.

  • Spiritual awareness can remind us how life is much more than what meets the eye, there is a more eternal aspect. Knowing this can allow us to be more balanced in terms of materialism and how we deal with the experiences of everyday life.

  • Spiritual understanding and embodiment can help us to have trust and faith in the flow of life, knowing that everything is as it should be.

Technology and Spirituality

As technology is an integral part of modern life, the impact of technology on spirituality has been notable. Here are some examples of how these aspects of modern life have become connected:

  • The internet offers easy access to an array of resources that contain spiritual knowledge.

  • It offers an opportunity for connection with like-minded spiritual communities; modern digital tribes of sorts.

  • Many spiritual teachings and concepts have now been backed up by modern science with the use of technology, making the knowledge more widely accepted, understood and reinforced.

  • It has accelerated opened minded spiritual awareness through the rapid spread of various spheres of information relating to spirituality, for example, scientific research that now backs up spiritual concepts

It is important to note that information that we access via the internet is always to be approached with intuition and discernment, always engage both the heart and mind to detect if you resonate with a new idea.

Ways to Integrate Spiritual Practices Into Modern Life

Below are some ideas and suggestions on how we can integrate spiritual awareness and practices within a modern lifestyle.

  • Intentional time

Set aside dedicated time in your schedule for the specific spiritual practices that bring you into alignment. Considering waking up a little earlier in the morning is a good way to make time for your practices as it also sets the tone for the day ahead. If you have a very busy lifestyle consider practices that can be done lying in bed such as a guided meditation, breathwork, or prayer. Or consider this simple and effective suggestion made by entrepreneur billionaire John Paul DeJoria on how to start your day; before looking at any device or engaging take some time to just be, taking just a few minutes every day to presently focus on any chosen object with full presence.

  • Intentional daily happenings

Spirituality is not separate from your daily tasks – you will find this philosophy resonating with spiritual teaching such as Zen but it is applicable within whatever spiritual teaching you subscribe to. To notice and acknowledge the spiritual energy in every interaction and experience in day to day life. The key to this is presence and gratitude. Even a meal or cup of tea can be a meditation or appreciated with prayer.

  • Enjoy the tools of our modern time

Explore the technological tools we have access to; as mentioned earlier in this article technology has opened up a new sphere of accessing knowledge, we can use this as a tool to learn ways that we can connect with the source of all knowledge and energy. An example of this would be– listening to vibrational frequency music easily and abundantly sourced online that aligns the energetic and physical body allowing us to more clearly and presently embody a higher vibration and connect with spirit that is the substance of all things. You can find some intentionally composed free mediation music on the Music of Wisdom YouTube channel.

An interesting example of a successful human who has subtly but effectively integrated spiritual embodiment within modern life is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and now one of the richest men in china who built his life from extremely humble beginnings; he promotes the importance of using technology to connect, unite and uplift all humankind. This understanding that we are connected and to unite can be considered an embodiment of a spiritual ideal.

Within this modern reality, we are mostly allowed individual freedom, expression, and creativity within how we choose to explore our spiritual understandings and practices. This differs from various times in history where the ruling powers and cultures strictly dictated how spirituality was approached, this still exists in some parts of the world but in many ways, we are for the most part living in a more open-minded time. We should approach the unique experiences, opportunities, challenges, and freedoms of our modern present with authenticity, choosing to practice only what deeply resonates on a personal level that will allow us to embody the spirituality that connects us to all.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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