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Spiritual Wisdom and Human Problems

In order to approach a problem with the application of spiritual wisdom, it is firstly essential to have some understanding of the energetic nature of our spiritual reality. The concept and understanding of energy encompasses all forms of spirituality from a religious lens of understanding to new age spiritual understandings. Most forms of spirituality that we can think of also acknowledge that there is, to ordinary senses, an unseen and powerful force that affects the seen and felt realities of human experience. An awareness and connection to this energy is the basis of spiritual wisdom and practices. A strong relationship with this infinite energetic force is what can greatly assist us to makes sense of and resolve the problems we face as humans. In this article, we will explore the deeper nature of these problems as well as spiritual wisdom that can be integrated to help with finding meaning, healing and solutions.

The nature of human problems

When we observe the nature of most problems we can see how we experience and witness the problematic occurrence through the human sensory system which is made up of mental (thoughts), emotional (feelings) and the physical (body). We can explore the idea that our thoughts, feelings and bodily experiences are what animates or gives substance to many problems. When considering some of the most common human problems such as financial issues or a struggle for survival, relationship or interpersonal problems and health issues we can see they often stem from and are aggravated by emotion such as fear, worry, greed, judgment and similar lower energies. For example, even a health problem of a physical nature may be a result of compounded mental, energetic and emotional root causes; it could be that it is a message or catalyst for making necessary beneficial changes in your life. Many of these problems can be alleviated through cultivating higher vibrational emotions which can be gained through spiritual wisdom; such as faith, grace, empowerment, sovereignty and gratitude.

I must, however, note that some problems, such as being in an abusive situation or accident injury may require more radical outward action to be taken. Spiritual wisdom will be a great help in determining the best course of action and to assist with dealing and healing the trauma or harm inflicted, but by no means should these kinds of human experience be spiritually bypassed at the expense of your wellbeing.

How spiritual wisdom is the antidote to human problems

Using spiritual wisdom to help us deal with problems is all about embracing a spiritual perspective. The embodiment and acceptance of various spiritual insights and practices can assist with easing and solving the root cause of many of the problems we face. Spiritual wisdom can essentially help us align our thoughts and emotions which in turn can have a desired effect on the physical experience. The next subheading of the article aims to provide you with various elements, spiritual perspectives, practices and wisdom that can be intuitively applied to working through any particular problem. You will see that many of these concepts are interwoven and we have free will to integrate the perspectives and practices that most deeply resonate with the nature of the problem faced.

Ways to utilize spiritual wisdom to solve human problems

Trust and faith

An essential part of overcoming any problem is that we believe it is possible and is worth overcoming. We can gracefully accept that the problem is showing up in our experience to serve a greater purpose. Trust in a higher power or infinite intelligence can help us gather energy and purpose amid a difficult time. To know we are supported by a benevolent god or energy, having faith that we are facing the problem with powerful assistance and that the problem can be solved. Some suggestions of how you can cultivate trust and faith are through prayer, surrender, relaxation, gratitude and affirmations.

The physical and energetic body

As important as it to treat your physical body as a temple and with the best care you can .It is also helpful to be aware that the physical body extends beyond physicality, it is part of our energy body. You are more than your physical body. The health and vibration of our energy body can also have an impact on the physical. Awareness and tuning of the energy body can help us with some problems that we may experience. Knowing you are more than just physical offers an expanded perspective which can help you to cope in situations where your physical body is experiencing a problem, it can also remind us to care for the entire body system to maintain a state of balance and to reduce or transcend out of alignment experiences.

You can care for your holistic body system through practices such as meditation, nutrition, exercise and breathwork. It can also be beneficial to consider natural and energy therapies such as herbalism, reiki and sound healing.

Mental awareness and the power of thoughts

There is so much evidence and knowledge that supports the fact that our thoughts are powerful and have a direct energetic and emotional impact on our entire system, which therefore ripples out to affect the reality we experience. A change in mental perception can change your reality in an instant. This is such a powerful concept to be aware of when facing a problem. We can pause and take the time to observe how our thoughts are affecting or creating the problem at hand. We have the ability to recondition non-beneficial thought patterns. This is similarly known as the concept of the law of attraction which is a universal law that suggests that our thoughts and emotions surrounding thoughts create our reality. The practice of aligning our thoughts to the highest perspective and desired outcome can help us to focus, stay energized and positive in order to solve or avoid various human problems. Learning to observe thoughts for what they are from a higher perspective can be developed through practices such as meditation and mindfulness. These practices can also be used to deliberately choose more beneficial thought patterns though affirmations, guided visualization and frequency attunement through sound. It is also of benefit to be mindful of what you speak about, listen to and the content you consume as these stimuli affect your subconscious thoughts.

Emotional guidance system

As you have read earlier in this article the experience of a problem can activate our emotions and sensation. We can look at this from a few higher perspectives; the healthy human emotional guidance system can be a catalyst for awareness, awakening and spiritual growth .With this knowledge we can learn to listen to our emotions. We must be aware when our emotional guidance is out of balance and learn how to manage our emotions in a healthy way as to not let them escalate a small problem into something more traumatic. We can learn to honour our emotions for the value they bring to our lives and embrace healthy expression. Being aware enough to release an emotion once it has served its time so that the residual negative emotions don’t cause extended unnecessary struggle. Practices such as meditation, breathwork, mantra and affirmations are a great way to regulate the emotional guidance system.


Duality is the concept that both bad and good, light and dark, birth and death are necessary to maintain the sacred balance of life. Ideas such as ‘we will not fully be able to conceive of happiness if we don’t sometimes experience the lack of, or its opposite’ may sound cliché but it does ring some truth. Acknowledging, understanding and accepting duality can also be about the grounded acceptance that everything doesn’t always go exactly as we plan in our human mind but it is going according to nature and a bigger picture plan. When we accept this we can allow the energy of grace to enter life, opening to the possibility of things happening in unique magical ways and knowing that often problems can lead to the most amazing experiences that we didn’t know we needed to have.


Meditation is an amazing practice to cultivate and integrate the above-mentioned concepts. A dedicated practice can have an array of enlightening physical and spiritual benefits that can equip us to face our problems with more strength, clarity and grace. Meditation allows us to consider a higher perspective by becoming the observer of the problem. Meditation can reveal how we can learn to see the bigger picture, value or aligned path of action in any situation. Meditation is not a specific religious practice but rather a space that can foster your connection to god in whatever way you choose to understand.

Now that you are further equipped with these perspectives I hope you will feel empowered and inspired to review some of the problems in your experience in a new light. Trust that your journey through life is just what you need in order to embody your highest version. Sincerely integrate the insights which truly resonate with you and you will surely grow through whatever you go through.

__ Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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