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Walking Meditation With Meditation Music

Walking meditation is a beautiful and life-enhancing practice that can help you to cultivate a more constant and consistent state of mindfulness. This type of meditation originated from traditional Buddhist teachings. It is practiced in both its traditional format as well as contemporary or new age variations of walking meditation practice. Within this article, we will discuss the practice of walking meditation including how to practice walking meditation with intentionally curated meditation music as well as some of the benefits of practicing walking meditation with music.

How is Walking Meditation Practiced

Walking meditation is essentially meditation in motion, it is a great way to bring the mindful state that you experience during stillness and sitting meditation embodied into your every step and action. It is also a perfect type of meditation for those that find it tricky to keep still or deal with intrusive thoughts during sitting meditation. This practice helps you to channel your focus and root into the present moment. Walking meditation is generally practiced within the following guidelines and considerations:

  • Feet on the ground, barefooted is preferable.

  • Focus on your physical senses.

  • Walking a path in a straight line up and down.

  • Eyes are open, focusing on the ground a little ahead and in front of you.

  • Focus on the physical body and fully paying attention to your movements.

  • Paying attention to the action of walking, the placement of each of your movements as you walk, taking slow and deliberate steps.

  • Hands are gently clasped behind you or in front of you.

We can also practice walking meditation in contemporary forms such as walking in different natural environments while listening to a guided walking meditation or while listening to meditation music. We can make the personalized adjustments that we need in order to be comfortable and relaxed during walking meditation. We can include the use of intentionally composing meditation music that is designed to guide listeners into soulful presence.

Benefits of Walking Meditation with Music

These are some of the ways that practicing walking meditation can benefit you:

  • Walking meditation has a grounding effect; you will feel more connected to the earth.

  • Walking meditation can help you to feel in synchrony with your body and surroundings.

  • Walking meditation cultivates a state of concentration.

  • Walking meditation will help you to maintain a mindful state while in motion.

  • Walking meditation brings your focus to the present moment.

  • The intentional motions of walking meditation can gently assist with improving digestion and therefore improving overall health.

  • Practicing walking meditation can teach you to be more patient.

As mentioned you can also include music during your walking meditation and this can have the added benefits of:

  • Improving your concentration during the walking meditation.

  • Uplifting your emotions.

  • The acoustic instruments and frequencies used in meditation music compositions can have sound healing benefits.

  • Music adds to the sensory experience of the walking meditation.

Walking Meditation with Music

You can choose to curate and enhance your walking meditation practice by including meditation music. You will find freely available high-quality meditation music tracks such as Good Morning Nature and The Peaceful Breeze on the Music Of Wisdom YouTube channel and you can listen to these during your walking meditation practice. These tracks are intentionally composed with acoustic ambient sound frequencies that uplift your spirit.

Music Of Wisdom YouTube channel has so many compositions that are perfect to listen to during walking meditation. Try listening to Heart Of the Ocean during a walking meditation by the seaside, Silence Of The Morning when you seek to start your day with a walking meditation to still the mind or I Will Be There For You as you show up for yourself in dedication to your uplifting practice.

If you are a guided walking meditation creator be sure to consider including suitable royalty-free music within your recordings. You can browse the Meditation Music Library website as well as enquire about the Music Of Wisdom’s custom meditation music composing and mixing services in order to choose the perfect music to enhance your projects.

Music is such a powerful way to increase focus, presence and intentionally curate the experience of active meditation. The melodic repetitions within both walking and music will bring you into a deep and fully present meditative state.

Walking meditation can be an energetically healing and activating practice for the person practicing walking meditation and for the earth that is walked upon. Walking meditation calls for the meditator to enjoy each step, to enjoy the body, and to enjoy the present moment. This is such a powerful practice as it can teach the mind to stay present and in a mindful state even when the body is in motion. Over time the practice of walking meditation can definitely assist us to be more mindful in all our daily activities. This practice can be enhanced with the use of meditation music that is offered within this article and we encourage you to try including this music during your walking meditation and experience just how uplifted you feel!

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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