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6 Ways to Find Royalty Free Music for Your Guided Meditations

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Guided meditations continue to be one of the most accessible and effective ways for both beginners and practiced meditators to experience the amazing benefits of meditation. Guided meditation can allow us to become really intentional and specific with our practice and so the creation of a guided meditation is carefully layered; of course including the carefully thought through or channelled guiding script but equally as important, the music that is blended with the words.

The music used for guided meditation adds another layer of energetic alignment and intention and it can be quite tricky to find the specific style of intentionally curated music that suits your guided meditation. When you create your meditations to reach thousands of people there is the consideration of copyright and so to find the perfect music that is high quality and also royalty-free can be quite a challenge. Within this article, we shall provide you with more information on how you can find royalty-free music; providing 6 easily accessible ways to find royalty-free music for your guided meditations.

6 Ways to Find Royalty Free Music for Your Guided Meditations

Music Of Wisdom

Music Of Wisdom is a meditation music production company that was created for this specific reason; to provide high-quality meditation music that is royalty-free and with commercial use license.

Music Of Wisdom is the artist name of composer Narek Mirzaei. He was inspired to create his brand Music Of Wisdom after working on his first project creating guided meditation music, it was received successfully and so he realized the need for unique high-quality royalty-free meditation music was a gap in the market that his brand Music Of Wisdom now fulfils with quality and character. Music Of Wisdom now offers a range of tailored services to assist clients in sourcing the perfect high-quality and royalty-free music for their projects.

Beyond just guided meditation music, Music Of Wisdom compositions are also perfectly suited for use in other areas of the spirituality and wellness industries such as for relaxation music, sleep music, chakra healing music, frequency music, hypnotherapy music, spa music, binaural beats and ambient music.

Music Of Wisdom has over 10 million views and streams worldwide through working with many well-known brands such as Envol Meditation App, Guild of Light, PowerThoughts Meditation Club, Miracle Sleep Music Library, The Mantra Collective, Awakening Planet, Elevated Consciousness and Nature Healing Society.

The 6 Ways To Find Royalty-Free Guided Meditation Music

The following are 6 instantly accessible ways that you can find unique and high-quality royalty-free music for your guided meditations. Royalty-free music can be used within your commercial projects, YouTube videos, podcasts, live sessions and pre-recorded courses or classes.

1. Free Bundle

Free meditation music download - 3 hours

Yes! You can actually get free music with royalty-free and commercial use license included. Music Of Wisdom offers 3 hours of freely downloadable high-quality meditation music that you can utilize within your guided meditations.

You can download this free meditation music via the following link:

2. Become a Newsletter Subscriber and Receive Monthly Free Music

Another way to get guided meditation music that is free is to subscribe to the Music Of Wisdom newsletter and you will receive free music each month. This is a great way to source high-quality royalty-free music if you are on a budget or if you are still in the beginning phases of your spiritual or wellness offerings. Start with free high-quality royalty-free meditation music and as your business grows you can explore customized options.

You can sign up for the newsletter and receive free music monthly via the following link:

3. Become a Patreon

Music OF Wisdom Patreon - free meditation music download

Patreon is a platform that allows creators to engage with their clients or fans through membership packages; it is an offering that benefits both the collectors and creators. You can gain access to royalty-free guided meditation music by becoming a Music Of Wisdom member on Patreon. By paying a $7 monthly Patreon fee you will receive two short compositions of meditation music as well as a personal consult to choose the best music for your meditations and mixing tutorials to improve your mixes.

You can learn more about and subscribe to Music Of Wisdom Patreon via the following link:

4. Meditation Music Library

royalty free meditation music - music of wisdom - meditation music library

Meditation Music Library website offers a wide variety of high-quality royalty-free meditation music. You can choose from over 1500 minutes of music which are conveniently categorized and organized according to genre, instruments and moods so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. The genres offered are meditation and relaxation music, frequency and chakra music, ambient music, hypnotherapy music, spa music, binaural and isochronic beats, yoga music and cinematic music. You can listen to the compositions and choose to purchase tracks that suit your project; each purchase includes a high quality long and short version of your chosen track along with royalty-free and commercial use license.

You can visit Meditation Music Library website by Music Of Wisdom via the following link:

5. Music Curation and Mixing

Meditation music curation and mixing for guided meditation creators

A more customized way to find royalty-free meditation music is by making use of the Meditation Music Curation and Mixing Service. This service not only assists you with choosing the perfect high quality and royalty-free meditation music for your project but also assists you in mixing the music with your voiceover. You can access this service by contacting Music Of Wisdom with your audio recording; thereafter Music Of Wisdom will curate and professionally mix the music and your audio and you will be provided with a demo to preview before purchasing the music or the mix.

You can find out more and make use of this service via the following link:

6. Custom Music

Custom meditation music by Music Of Wisdom

The final suggestion we have for you to find the perfect royalty-free music for your guided meditation is to order custom music online. You can order your customized royalty-free meditation music by liaising with Music Of Wisdom – choosing a genre, sharing the details of your project and for $10 per minute of original music your unique customized and royalty-free track can be ready in just 3- 5 days.

You can learn more about and order custom royalty-free music via the following link

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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