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Royalty-Free 432Hz Music

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The frequencies and vibrations of music have the ability to entrain or tune us on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Each frequency that exists can have specific effects on our consciousness. Many musicians have realized that tuning instruments and music to 432Hz can produce a clearer, better quality sound that is more pleasurable to listen to. Music created with the intention of sound healing can also be tuned to 432Hz to effect many benefits such as deep relaxation, meditation, heart chakra activation and energetic clearing or purification.

It has been noted that some of the great composers such as Giuseppe Verdi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created some of their music considering this frequency and so 432Hz is sometimes known as Verdi’s A. Some researchers and musicians also claim that ancient instruments that have been unearthed were tuned to this healing frequency; civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Greece. Within this article, we shall explore some of the benefits of 432Hz music; how 432Hz music can be utilized and an introduction to a few of MusicOfWisdoms royalty-free meditation tracks that are tuned to 432Hz.

432hz royalty free meditation music download

The Benefits of 432 Hz Music

Listening to music that is tuned to 423Hz can have benefits that are physical, mental, and even spiritual; the vibration of this frequency tunes the listener to an energetic state that has various benefits. Listening to 432Hz music can have an impact on our consciousness and therefore an impact on our experiences, it directly affects us by entraining specific brainwave states; you can read more about brainwave states and music in our blog article Royalty-Free Binaural Music - Theta Waves. Meditating with music that is intentionally tuned to 432Hz can offer some of the following effects and benefits:

Deep Relaxation

Listening to the frequency 432Hz can bring the mind and body into a restful and relaxed state of being - the heart rate decreases and brainwaves are entrained to a relaxing state which offers a malleable experience of relaxation that can be used to expand, rest-in and re-energize.

Meditative States

The vibration created by this frequency can allow the listener to immerse into a meditative state, a deeply relaxed yet focused, fully present, and expansive state of being

Improved Sleep

Research has shown that listening to 432Hz fine-tuned music can have a positive effect on sleep; inciting sleep and experiencing deeper fully relaxed quality sleep.

Connecting and Aligning to our Sacred Nature

The mathematical geometries created by the vibration of 432Hz are resonant with the perfect fractal expressions within all of nature, it is reflected in sacred geometry that can be observed in the nature of our physical world (to learn more about how frequency and vibrations create geometries and have the physical effect you can read more on the concept of cymatics).

Clearing and Releasing

Listening to 432Hz can align you to this frequency and so any negative energy within your field that is not resonant with the energy of purity and harmony that this tone offers will be easily released and cleared to align with the beneficial vibration of 432Hz. This tone can be used to intentionally clear negative energy and to release any emotions that no longer serve your highest good.

Relieving Stress and Tension

The deep relaxing and aligning effects of 432Hz can also relive mental and physical stress and tension.

Pleasure and Enjoyment

The frequency of 432Hz is clear and harmonious and is usually a pleasurable listening experience; happy hormone release (serotonin) may be stimulated as one fully enjoys listening to 432Hz music.

Sound Healing

Because of its amazing benefits and energetic effects 432Hz can be utilized during sound healing sessions to further relax, align and expand the consciousness of the person seeking healing. This frequency can vibrationally align one to a state of peace and harmony that is conducive to healing.

Heart Chakra Activation

The frequency 432Hz is often associated with a feeling of expansion, this is because it resonates with the heart chakra energy; a center of divine and unconditional love that encompasses all of existence. 432Hz is the perfect tone to utilize within chakra activating meditations and healing sessions, especially when focusing on opening or unblocking the heart chakra.

Royalty-Free 432hZ Meditation Music Tracks

You can utilize 432Hz tuned music within your guided meditations, healing offerings, and personal practices. The following tracks are royalty-free 432Hz meditation tracks available from the Mediation Music Library website by Music of Wisdom:

This composition is intentionally tuned to 432Hz for the purpose of cleansing and healing. It is a high-quality royalty-free meditation track that has uplifting energy.

432hz royalty free meditation music - Cleanse Your Soul

This track is a deep heart healing composition, it includes music of the cello, hang drum and piano as well as angelic vocals. It is a premium quality royalty-free meditation track that offers a deep sound healing meditative journey.

Royalty free healing meditation music - Heal Your Twin Flame

Utilizing the healing benefits of 432Hz can take your mediation offering or personal meditation practice to a new depth, which can allow for the capacity of greater healing and expansion. Enjoy using the knowledge you have gained and this resource of royalty-free 432Hz music tracks to open your heart and align with your true nature.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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