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Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Delta Waves

Delta wave music is especially interesting and effective for entering deep sleep as well as for deep healing and meditation. Delta wave music is to be experienced binaurally, in the form of music composition that has embedded delta waves binaural beats. Within this article, we endeavor to learn more about the experience of delta wave binaural music. In order to fully understand this, we start with a brief look into what is binaural music followed by understanding what are delta waves and the effects or benefits that listening to this delta wave music can have for you.

What is binaural music?

The effect of binaural music is created by listening to two tones that are tuned slightly different. A different tone is played in each ear using earphones and our brains perceive the difference or the intended binaural tone. Binaural beats are used to intentionally entrain the brain of the listener to a specific brainwave state. Brainwave states serve various states of consciousness that allow us to function optimally. Binaural beats can be used to train our brainwave states which assist us in experiencing states of meditation, deep relaxation, improved sleep, creativity, healing and spiritual awakening.

What are delta waves?

Delta wave binaural music is between 0.1-4Hz. These waves are the slowest recorded brain wave state; with the slowest frequency but the highest amplitude of all the known human brainwave states. The delta state is the naturally dominant state of babies and young children. Delta brainwave activity is usually associated with the deepest states of sleep, relaxation and healing.

The benefits and uses of delta wave music

Delta wave binaural music can have a few powerful benefits, listening to this music especially while meditating, resting, sleeping or engaging in any healing practice can be beneficial and effective in the following ways:

  • Experience the deepest stages of sleep and relaxation

Delta waves are associated with the deepest stages of sleep where healing and restoration take place. Sleep in a delta brainwave state is the kind of rest that leaves you feeling reenergized and rejuvenated.

Delta waves allow us to slow down and experience a state of deep stillness which is conducive to healing.

  • Decreasing awareness of the physical world

Delta brainwave state helps to decrease our conscious awareness and awareness of physical reality. This allows us to operate from the deep unconscious or subconscious mind. The focus on this inner realm can allow us to experience and understand the subtler energetic and spiritual layers of experience.

  • Deep healing and receptive subconscious states

Delta brainwave states induced by listening to delta wave binaural music can allow you to tap into, access and process information within your unconscious mind or subconscious mind. It is the state where experiences and perspectives are encoded into long term memory, you can use this brainwave state intentionally to deeply entrain new concepts within the subconscious.

  • Delta waves are linked to beneficial hormones

The delta brainwave state is linked to the release of DHEA and melatonin. These beneficial hormones have the following effects: DHEA boosts immune system, cognitive functioning, improves muscles strength and has anti-aging effects. Melatonin can improve quality of sleep by regulating sleep cycles. This can also help alleviate some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The deep sleep state induced by a delta brain state is also associated with a drop in the level of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which when out of balance is linked to stress or our fight or flight response , regulation of this hormone during delta brainwave sleep allows one to wake up feeling more relaxed and grounded.

  • Trance states and lucid dreaming

Because delta waves are characteristic of deep sleep and access to the subconscious they can also be associated with trance states and work for some people to activate lucid dreaming experiences( theta waves are more specifically used for lucid dreaming and you can learn more about theta wave music in our blog Royalty-Free Binaural Music:Theta Waves)

Royalty-free delta wave music collection

Royalty free music is the best way to ensure you are getting high-quality music that is intentional and licensed for commercial use. You can use royalty-free delta wave music within your guided meditations and healing offerings, you can also use this music within your personal practices to improve your quality of sleep, relaxation, initiate deep healing and subconscious exploration.

The following royalty-free delta wave music tracks are from the binaural music collection-delta waves on Meditation Music Library website by Music Of Wisdom :

This composition has embedded 2Hz delta waves. It is primarily composed using piano and sounds of the night that are perfect for entering into a state of deep sleep.

This piano music composition has embedded 3Hz delta waves. It is very calming and meditative.

This composition has embedded 3Hz delta waves. It is intended for use as a sleep meditation track.

This composition has embedded 2Hz delta waves. It is a deeply calming sleep music track.

This composition has embedded 1Hz delta waves. It is perfect for entering the delta brainwave state that allows for deep and calm sleep and healing.

This composition has embedded 4Hz delta waves. It is a calming track that is intended for use in hypnotherapy sessions (as delta waves can help us to access the subconscious mind).

Each of the tracks in this delta wave collection can be previewed on Meditation Music Library website, each track is available for purchase and this includes royalty-free and commercial use license. The entire delta waves binaural music collection is currently available for a special reduced price.

Delta waves binaural music collection

Enjoy the many benefits of this resource that embraces the power of binaural delta wave music to deeply rest, heal and expand our spiritual awareness.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team Follow Us: Insight Timer | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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