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Royalty-Free Music for Hypnosis

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Hypnosis is a therapy that deeply relaxes the body in order to enter into a state of heightened awareness within the mind. Hypnosis can be used for deep healing, self-discovery, and increased awareness. A hypnotherapy session can be designed in order to induce an altered or specific state of consciousness whereby the person being hypnotized is in a state where suggestions and questions can be posed to the focused and subconscious mind. A powerful element that hypnotherapists can choose to use within their sessions is intentional hypnosis music that aids in the experience; further relaxing and focusing the sitter on a deeper level for hypnosis. Royalty-Free hypnosis music can be utilized within private or personal hypnotherapy sessions as well as background music within audio or video hypnotherapy sessions.

Within this article, you will learn more about hypnosis and music and you will be offered a high-quality selection of royalty-free music intentionally composed for this purpose by Music Of Wisdom.

Royalty free hypnosis music collection download

Hypnosis and Music

Hypnosis music and brainwave states

The rhythms and tones within music when intentionally composed are a subtle and potent tool for entering into a state of hypnosis. Music can be played to guide a listener into the brainwave state of deep relaxation which is necessary to deeply communicate with and explore the human mind. When a brain is in a state of hypnosis the brainwaves that are present are of the alpha state and theta state; these states represent the states of consciousness of deep relaxation and mediation ( you can learn more about theta waves within the article Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Theta Waves). Alpha and theta waves can be included within music compositions in the form of binaural beats for deeply effective hypnosis music.

Hypnosis music and trance states

Hypnosis can be compared to a trance state and it is a well-known fact that many types of intentionally created and utilized musicians guide one into both light and deep trance states. A trance state is perfect for opening the mind and consulting the more subconscious aspects of the mind; this is helpful for hypnotherapy that includes positive suggestions or deep healing.

Hypnosis music and focus

Reduced peripheral awareness is a necessary element for hypnotherapy as it more effective when a client or sitter is unaware of their surroundings and focused completely. Guiding hypnosis music can assist by creating a curated environment for an easy focus.

Hypnosis music and relaxation

To enter a state of hypnosis one usually needs to completely relax and forget about the environment around them and focus on their inner world. Intentionally composed hypnosis music can most definitely guide a listener into a relaxed yet focused state of being.

Royalty-Free Music

Unique and high-quality hypnosis music that includes royalty-free and commercial use license can be easily sourced from the Meditation Music Library website by Music of Wisdom, If you require custom-made royalty-free hypnosis or guided meditation music you can make use of Music Of Wisdom custom compositions and music curation and mixing services.

There are a variety of royalty-free tracks that you can choose from, preview and purchase immediately. The following are a few of the hypnosis music compositions you will find available on Meditation Music Library:

This track is intentionally composed for deep hypnotherapy, it includes the relaxing sounds of ocean waves.

Royalty free hypnosis music

This hypnosis music track is intended for deep hypnotherapy and includes piano music as well as binaural beats with the effect of 12Hz .12Hz is within the alpha wave range; guiding the brain into the alpha state is a key element of hypnosis.

Royalty free hypnosis music

This royalty-free deep hypnosis track includes the sounds of rainfall.

Royalty free hypnosis music

A lucid dream is a hypnosis music track intended to deeply calm the listener into a state of hypnosis. This track also includes the intentional use of binaural beats with the effect of 4Hz theta waves that are within the brainwave state linked with meditation and REM sleep.

Royalty free hypnosis music

This is a deep hypnotherapy music track that contains binaural beats with the effect of 7Hz which is within the theta wave state ( a state of meditation or lucid dreaming REM sleep state)

Royalty free hypnosis music

Meditative Mind is a deep hypnotherapy track that includes music from the cello as well as ocean wave sounds.

Royalty free hypnosis music

Each of these tracks is high-quality intentionally composed and powerful sound energy which can be utilized within hypnotherapy sessions. Royalty-free hypnosis music can be used as background music and as part of the hypnosis journey during in-person or virtual hypnosis sessions. With the purchase of any of these tracks, you will receive a long and short version of the track and as mentioned above each of these hypnosis music tracks are royalty-free and can be used in alignment with the Music Of Wisdom licensing agreement.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can assist with a variety of issues such as daily habits as well as deep healing on both a physical and psychological level. Hypnosis can be very therapeutic and aid in self-discovery and expanded awareness of one's inner world.

Utilizing royalty-free hypnosis music can assist a hypnotist with easily guiding the mind of the person being hypnotized into a relaxed yet aware state that allows for gentle access into the subconscious levels of mind where information can be retrieved or new suggestion can be offered; all for the benefit, expansion, and improvement of the person experiencing hypnosis.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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