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Social Media Sound Kit: Considering The Impact Of High-Quality Meditation Music

It is no secret that we are spending increasing amounts of time and energy in the digital realm and although this has some drawbacks it also offers some positives; the positive aspect which we can focus on today is how the internet has made helpful information so much more accessible (we have super fast access to information and a variety of formats to choose from when learning about new concepts or practices).

Social media has sped up our learning by making all sorts of information available, most definitely including the spreading of conscious and beneficial information. It can be observed that many people are showing more interest in meditation and yoga as these practices have become digitally available and explored. Through the power of social media, these practices have gained increasing popularity as people share their experiences, the benefits of mindfulness practices, and practitioners are given space to share teachings in creative, engaging, and interactive ways.

Within this article, we will explore more surrounding the role of social media for meditation, yoga, and mindfulness content creators. We will discuss some tips for creating high-quality, effective, and beneficial content with special consideration for the element of sound by utilizing curated royalty-free music such as the Social Media Sound Kit offered by Music of Wisdom.

10 unique one-minute meditation music tracks for social media.

The influence of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga through social media

According to Wellness Creatives Co. analysis of trends, the yoga industry is currently worth over $88 billion worldwide and is projected to reach $215 billion by 2025. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the meditation industry's worth is said to reach $9 billion by 2027 and grow exponentially as people become increasingly aware of the health and wellness applications of meditation practice. As we can observe the statistics surrounding these industries, there is a growing interest in these areas and people are beginning more and more to prioritize health, wellness, and mindfulness.

We can work with this growing interest and awareness by sharing important and relevant information on the benefits of meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices. Interweaving information about these beneficial practices within high-quality content to clearly and professionally inform people of the power of these practices and of course sharing how you can help or offer them these practices in an accessible way. Being aware of this growing interest you can inform people of your meditation, mindfulness or yoga offerings and businesses by using the power and reach of free social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest.

Why is the music within your content so important?

The content that you create for social media can have a big impact on the success of your business, allowing you to reach more people that can potentially benefit from your offering. The quality of the content you create is as important as it is a reflection of the quality of your offering. What you share on social media is a taste of what you will sell to your clients. One really powerful element that you can start to consider more intentionally is the music that you use within your social media content. This music can be used to enhance video content as well as blended with existing spoken audio and visuals for extra effect.

Sound is vibration and can align listeners to experience specific energies and emotions; even within a short space of time or attentiveness, it can have a big impact. The sound you choose should be high-quality and since we are sharing about the topics of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga we should have extra special consideration for the energetic effects of the music that we use within our content.

Making use of the Social Media Sound Kit

The Social Media Sound Kit is a bundle of short royalty-free meditation music tracks expertly composed by Music Of Wisdom. It has 10 selected tracks that are each 1 minute in length. These unique shorter version tracks are perfect for use in a variety of social media content such as background music for Instagram reels, stories on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, short video posts, TikTok’s, short YouTube videos and more.

These meditation music tracks are suited for use by a variety of practitioners such as yoga teachers, meditation creators and teachers, mindfulness coaches and energy healing practitioners. You can use this music within your promotional social media content to add intentional ambient sound vibration that will enhance the quality and appeal of your posts; this can help to bring in potential new clients.

The tracks included in the Social Media Sound Kit are as follows:

Combines piano music, night sounds, and 2Hz delta wave binaural beats.

An uplifting and healing track tuned to 432Hz.

A hypnotic track including the sounds of ocean waves.

Offers a positive vibration of nature sounds, piano and cello music.

Peaceful meditation music is intended for heart and soul alignment.

A deeply meditative track containing piano music and rain sounds.

A calming track with piano music and rain sounds.

An uplifting track including choral music.

Combines healing singing bowl vibrations, angelic vocals and cello music.

A calming composition including ocean sounds and angelic vocals.

Each of these tracks is also available individually for purchase as full-length versions; the 1-minute versions are available as part of the Short Meditation Music Collection: Social Media Sound Kit which is currently on sale for just $79 available now on the Meditation Music Library website.

The thoughtfulness and effort that goes into the free content that you create for social media can really have a big impact on the effectiveness and reach of your message as well as the success of your business. Choosing to utilize high-quality meditation music can really benefit the quality of your posts and add a layer of sound healing vibration which can effectively convey the vibe of your offering and be of benefit to your audience and clients.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team Follow Us: Insight Timer | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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