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The Therapeutic Application Of Meditation Music And Mindfulness For Neurosis

Neurosis is a human behavioral tendency that can cause us to experience the world and ourselves in an extremely distorted way. This psychological state can cause us to have a prolonged or excessive emotional reaction to stressors. Neurosis can actually be experienced by all humans it’s just a matter of where we fall on the spectrum of measure for neuroticism. In this article, we will explore some of the techniques and practices that one can work with to realign and heal the unwanted experience of neurosis. We will first learn a little more about neurosis and then delve into the specific healing practices of meditation music, mindfulness and yoga and how these can help us to reduce neurotic behaviors.

What Is Neuroticism?

Neuroticism also known as neurosis (‘neuro ‘referring to nerves or neurons and ‘osis’ meaning disturbance or deviation from the normal condition) is a personality aspect primarily characterized by hyper-emotional reactivity and emotional dysregulation. People that measure high of the spectrum of neurosis can have a variety of unwanted experiences including but not limited to anxiety, depression, anger, fear, self-consciousness, social disconnect, excessive worry, and irritability. You could even experience unexplained physical health symptoms such as body pains. If you struggle with neurosis it is likely that you don’t deal with stress well and even minor problems can cause great emotional and mental upsets. These symptoms that are caused by high neuroticism can make it really challenging to achieve even the simple and necessary daily tasks, it can lead to work performance problems, relationship problems, and health issues.

The cause of a high degree of neurosis has been linked back to factors including trauma, childhood neglect and childhood trauma, inner conflict, and repressed emotions. Emotionally sensitive individuals may also be more susceptible to neurotic experiences. It has been found that certain personalities types are more or less susceptible to neuroticism.

Practices For Healing Neuroticism

If you experience an uncomfortable and detrimental degree of neurosis you can utilize the following practices to reduce your neuroticism. These practices are great because they are really easily accessible and you can choose to easily practice these by yourself or with guidance and support:

Meditation Music For Neurosis

Meditation is an amazing practice that can help us to experience a state of deep relaxation and cultivate presence. Meditation can be practiced in a variety of forms such as mediation with intentionally composing meditation music, guided meditation, walking meditation, meditation in nature, or your personal preference. Meditation music can add an extra layer of focused relaxation and sound healing frequencies which can be really effective in emotional healing, tuning into and connecting deeply with ourselves, releasing stress, and anchoring into the present moment which is why utilizing meditation music can be a really effective way to reduce a high degree of neuroticism.

You can experience these healing effects of meditation music by meditating with the following meditation music tracks from the Music Of Wisdom Youtube channel:

Meditation music which includes 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency for deep healing and stress relief.

Meditation music for breathwork and stress relief.

Calming and relaxing meditation music which includes piano and the sound of rain.

Mindfulness For Neurosis

Mindfulness is all about being fully present, intentional, and aware of your energy, thoughts, and actions. Mindfulness practices can include meditation, being in a state of intentional mindfulness through your daily tasks, or through a specific activity dedicated to mindfulness (mindful eating, mindful breathwork, mindful walking, mindfully listening to music, etc.). Mindfulness helps us to develop focus and to move through life with deeper consideration and integrity. We become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and usually unconscious habits; this powerful awareness practice can help to reduce neurotic behavior.

Yoga For Neurosis

Yoga is a holistic lifestyle that is based upon a deeply spiritual and energetic perspective of life. It includes a variety of intentional asana (postures), mantras (chants), mudras (hand postures), meditations, and yogic breathing techniques. Yoga is a powerful practice for developing focus and intentionally channeling energy within the body. Dedication to a yogic lifestyle or even dedication to some of the elements of yoga practice can have a huge benefit. If you struggle with neuroticism this practice can allow you to find stability and to intentionally align the energetic and physical layers of your being.

How Does Meditation, Mindfulness, And Yoga Help?

We will now learn about exactly how, with some dedication and intention; meditation with music, yoga, and mindfulness practices can truly help you to reduce neurotic experiences.

  • These practices can help with bringing the mind and body into the present moment and this can reduce the anxiety and fear that is characteristic of neurosis.

  • These practices have the effect of regulating the vagus nerve which governs our subconsciously patterned stress responses, giving us the opportunity to form new more beneficial emotional responses.

  • These practices can help us to become more deeply aware and more intentional with our thoughts and actions which can assist us with a deeper understanding and healing of neurosis

  • These practices make us more deeply aware of the spiritual and energetic nature of life ( getting in touch with your innermost self) which can put things into perspective and help gain a sense of deep purpose and belonging, this can help to reduce neurotic tendencies.

  • These practices offer a safe and non-judgemental space for deep cleansing and healing which can help with healing the root cause of neurosis which is usually related to traumatic experiences.

  • Yoga, mindfulness practices, and active meditation with meditation music can get us moving. Intentional movement is a way to release stored emotions, this can help us to move through the intense neurotic emotional states in a healthy way.

  • These practices can help you to become more intentional and slow down enough to reevaluate your perspectives and reactions. This can help to reduce the characteristic neurotic tendency of emotional overreaction.

If you struggle with a high degree of neurotic experience using these practices to heal and intentionally channel your energy can be truly empowering. You can utilize one or all of these practices and integrate them into your daily life in a way that feels most effective for you. With just a little dedication and focus practicing meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can have long-term positive impacts on your perspective, experiences, and actions.

__Written by Music Of Wisdom team

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