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Royalty-Free Binaural Music – Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are the brainwave state of relaxed awareness and wakeful resting, these waves can have a variety of positive effects which we shall learn more about within this article. You can intentionally and easily enter into an alpha state by listening or meditating while listening to binaural music that is tuned to the frequency range which creates vibrational alignment to the alpha wave frequency. In this article, we shall learn more about binaural beats and brainwaves in order to understand how these alpha waves work and the benefits that alpha wave music can have. We shall also explore some amazing royalty-free alpha wave binaural music compositions offered by Music Of Wisdom.

Understanding Brainwaves and Binaural Music

Brainwaves, also known as neural oscillations are synchronized electrical impulses that are created by the activity of our brains. Our brains have 5 known brainwave states and each state is representative of specific states of consciousness and perceptions of reality. The brainwave state we will explore in this article is the alpha state. You can learn about some of the other brainwaves states in our Wednesday Wisdom blog articles: Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Theta Waves and Royalty-Free Binaural Music: Delta Waves

The frequency of brainwaves are measured in hertz (Hz) and the frequency of sound can also be measured in hertz (Hz). This is where the musical magic of binaural beats comes into play. Binaural beats are intentionally tuned compositions that utilize different frequencies to induce a specific brainwave state within the listener. For binaural beats to be effective they need to be listened to as high-quality audio with headphones, this is because binaural music is made up of 2 different frequencies. A different frequency is played in each ear of the listener and the frequency that is experienced by the brain is the difference of the two frequencies, this difference is the frequency that the brainwaves will tune to.

Binaural music is a simple and effective way to entrain your brain and intentionally optimize your state of awareness as needed.

What are Alpha waves?

Alpha waves are the brainwaves present when the brain is in alpha state which is between 8-12Hz. This is the brainwave state that falls in the middle of the spectrum of the 5 brain states. Alpha waves are present when we are awake and in a state of rest and relaxation. When in the alpha state we are usually not engaged in an activity that requires great effort and concentration. The alpha state is one of the states that we enter into when we are meditating. We can enter this state easily through meditating with binaural alpha wave music.

The effects and uses of alpha wave binaural music

Alpha wave binaural music can be used to entrain the brain to a desirable state of awareness that is more relaxed and meditative. When in the alpha state we are awake but very calm and restful. The alpha state can offer some of the following benefits:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and tension

The state of relaxation and calm that these brainwaves allow for has the natural effect of reducing the experience of stress, tension, anxiety, and even depression.

  • Accelerated learning

When in the relaxed alpha state the brain is not concentrating or intensely focusing on any particular thing and so this can create a state of openness that allows us to easily absorb new concepts and information.

  • Creative thinking

It has been found that the alpha state is associated with creativity and stimulation. This brain wave can help with allowing us to move beyond the critical mind which then lets creative thinking flow easily.

  • Happiness and positivity

Because the alpha state is a relaxed and stress-relieving state, it can also have the happy side effect of increasing general positive attitude and happiness.

  • Deeper meditative and mindful states

Studies have shown that meditation is linked to an increase in alpha waves. Practicing mindfulness is also linked to the alpha state. We can use these practices in conjunction with binaural beats to enjoy the benefits of the alpha state.

Royalty-free alpha wave binaural music can be used within your personal and professional practices and projects. You can use this intentional music within your guided meditations and guided breathwork sessions. You can also use alpha wave music in any mindfulness, healing and educational offerings to assist your listeners in entering into a relaxed and receptive state. In this brainwave state, they can absorb and gain more knowledge and enjoyment from their experience.

Royalty-free alpha wave music collection

It is in your best interest to choose royalty-free alpha wave binaural music as these compositions are intentional and high-quality for maximum effectiveness and experience. The following tracks are from the Binaural Music Collection -Alpha Waves on Meditation Music Library website skillfully composed by Music Of Wisdom.

This composition is embedded with 8Hz alpha wave binaural beats and also includes piano and rain sounds. It is a deeply calming track perfect for before a restful sleep.

This track is tuned with 12Hz alpha waves and it also includes piano music. It is intended for relaxing the mind in preparation for hypnotherapy.

This is a calming composition to bring you into the present moment. It is embedded with 9Hz alpha waves and piano music.

This is a calming track that is intended for meditation. It is tuned to 11Hz binaural alpha waves and also includes piano music.

This composition is deeply calming and perfect for meditation. It is embedded with 10Hz alpha waves and includes piano and flute music as well as angelic vocals.

This collection can be previewed and purchased on the Meditation Music Library website. Enjoy listening to these beautiful compositions and integrating them into your practices and offerings for deeper relaxation, rest, learning and creative flow.

Our best collection of alpha waves meditation music tracks composed for relaxed focus, stress reduction, positive thinking, and fast learning. 8Hz to 13Hz binaural beats are embedded in every composition. The bundle includes 5 binaural music tracks. You can listen and learn more about each track using the links below.

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